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Arcade Food Hall Battersea Power Station London SW11

Arcade Food Hall, nestled within the historic Battersea Power Station, offers a unique dining experience. This spacious venue accommodates 500 guests and presents a menu boasting diverse cuisines. It features two vibrant bars, a private dining space, and three exclusive restaurants. If you’re searching for food halls in London or want to find the best places to eat with a group of friends in Battersea, Arcade Food Hall is the place for you.

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“Feast on diverse cuisines at Arcade, the plush food hall at the iconic Battersea Power Station,” Homegirl London.

Arcade Food Hall Battersea Menu

arcade battersea food hall asian salad

The menu at Arcade Food Hall showcases an array of international flavours. From Hero Indian’s fast food to Camida Mexa’s Mexican flavours, Tipan Tapon’s Nepalese dishes, and Sushi Kanin’s Japanese offerings, Bebek! Bebek!’s Indonesian cuisine and Siu Siu’s Cantonese dishes.

arcade battersea food hall hummous and flat bread

Our group of three savoured various dishes, including a mix of hummus and Bavarian flatbread adorned with Norfolk chickpeas, tahini, confit garlic, and tomato, priced at £7 from Middle Eastern Shatta and Toum.

arcade battersea food hall flat bread

A tomato, stracciatella, basil, and olive oil flatbread by Thomas Straker was another choice, costing £10.

arcade battersea food hall french beans

We also enjoyed green beans in black bean and garlic for £5 from Siu Siu.

arcade battersea food hall vegetable momo

Also, vegetable MO:MOs a steamed shiitake and cabbage delight from Tipan Tapan at £7.50.

arcade battersea food hall fries

Additionally, the venue includes three distinct restaurants: Manna, offering US-style burgers and fried chicken; Solis, a new grilled chicken and steak brand; and BAO, the renowned Taiwanese bun specialist.

arcade battersea food hall bar

Drinks at Arcade come from two distinct bars. Tap Room boasts a 36-tap wall, serving cocktails with locally sourced ingredients and a range of beers from international and South London breweries. The ABC Bar offers a concise menu of classic cocktails.

Helpful Information About Arcade Food Hall Battersea

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For complete information, go to the Arcade website. The food hall is on the 1st Floor, Boiler House, Battersea Power Station, 330 The Power Station, Circus Rd S, London SW11 8DD. Entry is through the North/Riverside entrance of the Power Station. Opening hours are Monday to Wednesday, 11 am until 11.30 pm, Thursday to Saturday, 11 am until 12 midnight and Sunday from 11 am until 9 pm. They accept walk-ins for groups up to 12; for larger groups, book online. The interiors are stylish with a retro vibe so it’s a lovely place to hang out.

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