beautiful blue paint ideas for living rooms

Beautiful Blue Paint Ideas For Living Rooms

If you’re looking for blue paint ideas for living rooms, you’ll love this beautiful collection of cool and sophisticated shades. From deliciously dark tones to mid and lighter colours, there is something to suit every taste. I’ve picked out blue paint ideas for living rooms from Dulux, Crown, Farrow and Ball and Pots of Paint to give you some inspiration for your own home. For winter blues and moody hues read on for the perfect paint palette.

blue paint ideas for living rooms, stone blue

Farrow and Ball: Stone Blue

Blue Paint Ideas For Living Rooms | Paint Shades

I’ll start off with some deliciously dark blues paint colours. As part of their 2016 trends forecast Dulux is promoting their ‘Dark and Light’ palette which is about celebrating darkness but with glimmers of lustre. How this can be interpreted in your own home is with dark midnight blue walls or deep petrol blues against dark purples. The lustre for such a backdrop could come in the form of shiny surfaces from chandeliers or furniture which bounce light back into the room. Alternatively, you could add light coloured rugs or furniture. The wall on the right in this picture has been coated with Viridian Tide which is a petrol blue. This works well next to Galactic Sky which is mysterious, just like the midnight hour.

blue paint ideas for living rooms, dulux dark and light trend

Dulux: Left Wall Viridian Tide (90BG 08/075) and Right Wall Galactic Sky (46RB 06/074) (Picture Affiliate Link)

Also from the Dulux ‘Dark and Light’ palette is this combination which shows the petrol blue of Viridian Tide on the back wall. This is stunning against the intense green of Alpine View. The Soft Maplewood 1 on the ceiling adds warmth and glow to the space. Notice again how the furniture is light in colour against the darkness of the wall paint to lift the room.

blue paint ideas for living rooms, dark and light dulux trend

Dulux: Back Wall Viridian Tide (90BG 08/075), Side Wall Alpine View (50GG 05/063) and Ceiling Soft Maplewood 1 (10YY 23/261) (Picture Affiliate Link)

For those dreaming of dark and delicious blues, Stiffkey by Farrow and Ball is very decadent. It’s actually been named after the north Norfolk beach where the mud has a blue hue which also colours the cockles blue. Farrow and Ball go to great lengths to match this famous blue mud so you’ll feel as though you are on that very Norfolk beach. This would look fabulous in both traditional and contemporary spaces and is fantastic contrasted with Old White.

blue paint ideas for living rooms, stiffkey blue

Farrow and Ball: Stiffkey Blue

Crown has put together a blue-based palette called ‘Retrospective’ for the winter. This showcases a sophisticated mid-century modern inspired collection of elegant blues including City Life which is a dark blue bordering on charcoal grey. Genuine is a deep, dark blue which is leaning towards teal. The brighter mid colour is Tropical Ocean which conjures up the clear seawater on a tropical island. If you want to go lighter try Aqua Source which has a slight grey tinge and even lighter is Adriatic which is very pale.

blue paint idea for living rooms with mustard upholstery

Crown: Left Wall Tropical Ocean, Inset is Crochet and Right Wall is Genuine

You can offset these blues with City Break grey which teams well with Tropical Ocean as you can see from the picture below. This is a great compromise for anyone who has invested in a grey sofa or furnishings.

blue paint ideas for living rooms, tropical ocean, city break grey

Crown Paint: Main Wall Tropical Ocean, Top Wall Portion City Break and Woodwork Cream White

Pots of Paint is a brand from Edward Bulmer who is an expert in heritage colours. His Azurite blue has depth but still manages to retain warmth. It is a homage to the Azurite mineral which was widely used in the Middle Ages to signal high status. This is perfect for a living room where you want to make an impact but don’t want to go too dark.

blue paint ideas for living rooms, azurite, pots of paint

Pots of Paint: Azurite

If you prefer your blues to be brighter and more vivid try the St Giles Blue from Farrow and Ball. This has been inspired by a colour found at the historic St Giles House and is just perfect for painting panelling or walls. This shade is superb for those with a dark room or dark corners which need a lift. Or you can use it as an accent at the back of shelves or in an alcove. I love the way this picture shows the St Giles Blue next to a palette of greens from the olive velvet upholstery to the tabletop and the flower stems, delicious … and they say blue and green should never be seen!

blue paint ideas for living rooms, st giles blue

Farrow and Ball: St Giles Blue

Blue Paint Ideas For Living Rooms | Accent Colours

As I mentioned, the Dulux Dark and Light colour palette feature some extremely dark shades including Galactic Sky (46RB 06/074) which is a deep purple come blue and Lights Out (30BB 05/022) is also very dark. These work well with dense greens like Alpine View (50GG 05/063). Offset this darkness against warmer colours like the ochre tinged Soft Maplewood 1 (10YY 23/261) or a much lighter Clouded Pearl (30BG 72/017) which is grey with a hint of dusty pink. I wrote about the Dulux Colour of the Year recently; Cherished Gold (20YY 36/370) which is also amazing next to deep blues.

blue paint ideas for living rooms, dark and light palette

Dulux: Dark and Light Colour Palette (Picture Affiliate Link)

If you want to team your blue paint with accent colours for shelves, doors or skirting boards or where you’d prefer a much lighter colour on the ceilings try a creamy tone rather than a white. Crown has selected a number of colours for consideration to coordinate with their Retrospective Palette. Cream White is just as it sounds, a warm and cream and another good option is Mascarpone which are both great alternatives to stark white. Spotlight has a grey tinge to it while Crochet reminds me of putty, both ideal for toning down the blue. If you want to warm things up try the Old Gold which is rich and romantic and perfect if you want to enhance any mustard upholstery or textiles.

blue paint ideas for living rooms, crown retrospective palette

Crown: Retrospective Colour Palette

Blue Paint Ideas For Living Rooms | Stockists

Dulux: To find out more about Dulux visit the website: Dulux Affiliate Link where you can see all the paint colours and locate your nearest stockist. Dulux is the UK’s leading paint brand with over 1200 colours to choose from. Price guide: Paint Mixing Matt Emulsion for 2.5L is around £24.49.

Crown: To find out more about Crown visit the website: Crown Paint Link where you can view the paint colours and find your nearest stockist. This brand is synonymous with quality and heritage and has been producing paint for 200 years. Price guide: Matt and Silk Emulsion for 2.5L are £17.99 and £18.49, Fashion for Walls Emulsion for 2.5L is from £22.67.

Farrow and Ball: To find out more about Farrow and Ball go to their website: Farrow and Ball Link. This premium paint brand is a Dorset based business founded in 1946. Their products contain high levels of pigment and rich resin binders so you get a great depth of colour. Price guide: Estate Emulsion for 2.5L is around £38 and Modern Emulsion is £42.

Pots of Paint: To find out more about Pots of Paint visit the website: Pots of Paint Link. Leading British architectural historian, Edward Bulmer is at the helm devising heritage colours for residential properties. He is an interior design and colour expert so you are in good hands. These paints are also non-toxic so better for you and the environment. Price guide: Matt emulsion for 2.5L is around £40.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Crown. Thanks: Sophie Hughes and Sarah Gibbs for Crown Photography and Information and Lauren for Pots of Paint Photography and Information. Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partner links – Dulux (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates, I will earn a small commission).