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Beautiful Bright Red Home Office Ideas

Rooms Edit: Red Home Office Ideas. Cheer up your workspace with bright red furniture and accessories. I’ve selected a hairpin office desk, metal under-table storage unit, swivel chair, sofa bed and more. See my Red Home Office Ideas if you want to revamp your study.

Beautiful Bright Red Home Office Ideas Edit

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Rooms Edit

English Oak Red Hairpin Desk: Real oak top combined with mid-century modern hairpin steel legs in vibrant red, £415 from Wicked Hairpins at (product code: 710562).

Studio Red Three-Seater Sofa Bed: Handy PVC-covered sofa bed for a home office which needs to double as a guest room, £209 from Maisons du Monde (product code: 116005).

Loft Red Metal Bedside Table: Industrial style cabinet on castors which can be wheeled under your desk, £89.59 from Maisons du Monde (product code: 142896).

Soft Mid-Back Red Desk Chair: Comfy office chair with adjustable seat and swivel motion, £399.99 from Domitalia at Wayfair (product code: DOF3564).

Haipot Red Pendant: Retro design light made from aluminium with a three-meter white cord, £138 from Red Candy Ltd (product code: DYBERG-8038).

On Air Red Light Box: Recording studio LED box to brighten up your home office, £75 from John Lewis & Partners (product code: 70641010).

Flos Red Piani Table Lamp: Light up your table with this energy-efficient lamp with a glossy tray, £206 from Heal’s.

Red Restore Storage Basket: Felt material holder for newspapers and other items you want to keep in one place, £68 from Nordic Nest UK (product code: 17534-06).

Bisley Red Filing Cabinet: Eight drawer unit for filing papers with chrome-plated label holders and handles, £141.99 from Bisley at Wayfair (product code: RJI1198).

Red Jacquard Motif Rug: Soften the floor in your study with this premium acrylic rug, £345 from Maisons du Monde (product code: 178034).

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