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Beautifully Warm Bed Socks Self Treat

I’ve just treated myself to some cute Bed Socks. I must admit that I don’t use them for bed; instead, I put them on when I’m inside my apartment to keep my feet snug and cosy. I was wearing them in the evenings, but now I’m putting them on when I get up in the morning. Bed Socks are usually looser fitting, chunkier and softer than normal socks which is why they are so lovely to wear. I’ve picked out my favourite bed socks, mostly in pastel shades of pink and blue along with grey. I bought the Grey Cosy Fairisle Ankle High Socks from Marks and Spencer, which I have included in my round-up. Stay safe and feel snug!

My Favourite Bed Socks

beautifully warm bed socks feature image

Feature and Lead Mood Board Image:

Pale Blue Marl, Camel, Pale Pink and Ivory Cashmere Bed Socks (product code: CSCBS), £36 from The White Company

Mood Board Images Left to Right from Top to Bottom:

Pink Cashmere Bed Ankle Socks (product code: 43520102), £32 from John Lewis & Partners

Pink Chenille Bed Socks (product code: 1367157), £12 from Oliver Bonas Ltd

Light Pink Alpaca Luxury Lounge Socks, £26 from Heating & Plumbing London at Wolf and Badger

Pink Pacey Fuzzy Crew Socks (product code: 4143211180077), £16 from Anthropologie (UK)

Pink and Blue Velvet Ankle High Socks (product code: T609014), £5 for 2 pairs of socks from Marks and Spencer UK

Grey Wool and Cashmere-Blend Knitted Bed Socks (product code: 1382761), from Oliver Bonas Ltd

Grey Cosy Fairisle Ankle High Socks (product code: T609008), £5 for 2 pairs of socks from Marks and Spencer UK

Grey and White Cashmere Stripe Bed Socks (product code: PECCB), £36 from The White Company

Blue, Pink and Lilac Fluffy Soft Bed Socks (product code: B01LYOSMZQ), £12.99 from City Comfort at Amazon UK

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Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: The White Company, John Lewis & Partners, Oliver Bonas Ltd, Wolf and Badger, Anthropologie (UK), Marks and Spencer UK and Amazon UK (City Comfort).