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Best Pantone Very Peri Home Accessories

I’ve picked out the best Pantone Very Peri Home Accessories for my readers. If you missed the announcement, The Pantone Colour of the Year 2022 is Very Peri 17-3938. It’s a new colour designed specially to encourage personal inventiveness and creativity. After experiencing a global pandemic, we emerge from the intensity and isolation into a world of unprecedented change. During the covid hibernation, the virtual and physical worlds fused, and this colour represents that shift. Very Peri brings blue hues and a violet-red undertone to signal our new and positive future. Search for purple, lavender, amethyst and violet if you’re looking for shades close to Very Peri. If you love violet-blue-purple colours, you will probably want to introduce a few decorative objects or accessories into your home. My favourites include a table lamp, lampshade, throw, artwork, candle, vases, cushions and more. If you already have an interior featuring white, black, grey, pink, navy blue or a mid to dark green, a few Very Peri touches will work well. I hope you enjoy the Very Peri colour trend!

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My Favourite Pantone Very Peri Home Accessories

Feature Image:

Very Peri Leaves Digital Wall Art, £4.62 from Amrita Singh Designs at Etsy UK (Affiliate Link)

Main Mood Board Image:

Violet Dyed 100% Cashmere Wool Throw Blanket (search product code: 4540086690001), £144 sale price from Anthropologie (UK) (Affiliate Link)

Mood Board Images Left to Right from Top to Bottom:

Very Peri Pantone Print, £4.45+ sale price from Illuzyoni at Etsy UK (Affiliate Link)

Amethyst Dartington Crystal Cushion Small Posy Glass Vase (search product code: 73577401), £27 from John Lewis & Partners (Affiliate Link)

Wisteria Scented Apothecary Candle (search product code: 841841108636), £40 from Amara (Affiliate Link)

Cobalt Silk with Velvet Tape Wizard Hat Shade Chukka Table Lamp, £48 from Pooky (Affiliate Link)

Purple Floral Print by Swedish Artist Madelen Mollard for Pstr Studio (search product code: 5059419923047), £45 unframed from Liberty London (Affiliate Link)

Amethyst Dartington Crystal Anemone Flower Bottle Vase (search product code: 73572214), £49 from John Lewis & Partners (Affiliate Link)

Faux Lavender Plant in White and Grey Pot (search product code: GDFP002), £16 sale price from House of Flora (Affiliate Link)

Purple Lava Lamp with Metal Base and Glass Shade, £12 from Dunelm (Affiliate Link)

Very Peri Designer Square Cushion with Cover, £21.12+ from Oplize at Etsy UK (Affiliate Link)

Ultra Violet Secret Oasis Floral Print Cushion by Prestigious Textiles, £15.20 from Furn UK (Affiliate Link)

Purple Bunch Blue Flowers Silk Suzani Cushion by Heritage Geneve, £130 from Wolf and Badger (Affiliate Link)

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