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B Street Deli Bermondsey Serves Rustic Style Food

B Street Deli is aptly named because it’s the original delicatessen on Bermondsey Street, London SE1. It’s a short walk from London Bridge Station and is worth visiting should you be passing. It’s such a charming lunch spot serving meats, cheeses and fine wines along with rustic style soups, doorstep sandwiches, healthy salads and plenty of treats. I live around the corner, so I often pick up a croissant or lunch when I’m working from home. If you’re looking for cute cafes on Bermondsey Street or places to eat healthy food near London Bridge, you’ll be delighted by the rustic style food at B Street Deli.

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“B Street Deli is adorable; it’s a cute and cosy little eatery serving delicious deli delights in the heart of Bermondsey Street,” Homegirl London

B Street Deli Menu

Since I’ve lived in the neighbourhood, I’ve seen the deli menu evolve to offer a host of delicious hearty and wholesome breakfast, lunch and evening options. For breakfast, you may want a Volcano Coffee along with a croissant (plain, pistachio, almond), pain au chocolate or cinnamon swirl, all of which are yummy!

b street deli bermondsey street ricotta with berries and honey on sourdough

For lunch, you’re in for a real treat. At the counter, you’ll see a selection of healthy, seasonal salads. I’ll mention some of the options to give you an idea of what to expect. There is beetroot with feta, walnut and rocket, or pasta with basil and cherry tomato and chickpea with artichoke and rocket. Alternatively, you may prefer a crunchy coleslaw or mixed green salad with vinaigrette. If you like salads made with veggies, try the roasted cauliflower with French and broad beans or the roasted parsnip with carrots and new potatoes. Choose a couple of salads and add a vegan tart such as mushroom and shredded leek, butternut squash with pine nuts or roasted pepper with courgette. Or you may want to try a ham and cheese quiche, vegan sausage rolls or a vegan schnitzel bap.

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The sandwiches are excellent, including the club deli classic with smoked bacon, free-range chicken and avocado. Another is smoked salmon with cream cheese or goat’s cheese with rocket and honey. They also serve brioche baps filled with free-range chicken, rocket and mayo. You can also get a few things on top of sourdough toast, such as avocado and ricotta with berries and a drizzle of honey.

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If it’s cold outside, you can warm up with a hearty soup. I tried the butternut squash with lentil last time, and it was delicious, which comes with sourdough bread on the side. Other soup options include vegetarian minestrone, winter vegetables, tomatoes and basil, farmhouse chicken with vegetables or chicken katsu curry.

Don’t worry, and they also have a few tempting sweet treats, including vegan cupcakes and carrot cake. I’m partial to the French canelés and gluten-free brownies! To be honest, I’m partial to them all!

In the evening you can enjoy sharing a Ham and Cheese co. cheese and charcuterie platter with your friend along with a beautiful selection of carefully chosen wine, so cheers to that!

B Street Deli Bermondsey Street Information

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To find out more, please go to the B Street Deli Website. The address is 88 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UB. The current opening times are 8 am until 10 pm daily. The deli is small and cosy inside, with a counter showcasing the salads, sandwiches and other food you can take away. There are a few stools where you can perch at a countertop if you want to eat inside. Outside, you’ll find a couple of tables, a lovely place to sit, and people watch. There are a few little pocket parks in the vicinity should you wish to take your lunch and eat it on a bench. I hope you enjoy your visit and have something lovely to eat!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. I only write about restaurants where I had a good experience. I recommend that you undertake further research as restaurant standards fluctuate, as do opinions. Please check if the restaurant is still in business and the opening times before you go. If you discover that this restaurant has closed, contact me to remove it from my blog.