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Best White Quartz Worktops For Your Kitchen

I’m going to help you find the Best White Quartz Worktops For Your Kitchen. You might think that white quartz countertops all look the same but think again. There is so much choice when it comes to white kitchen worktops and in particular a white quartz surface. I’m going to take you through the best white quartz countertops for your kitchen from CRL Quartz. With seven white quartz worktops to choose from, there will be one to suit your kitchen cabinets and interior. Join me as I guide you through these premium white quartz countertops.

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Seven Stylish White Quartz Worktops

I love the White Collection from CRL Quartz which has seven shades of white for you to choose from. Are you going to be bold with the Ultra White, go for something softer like the Chalk or introduce a touch of sparkle with Arctic Shimmer? Let me take you through each white quartz countertop option so you can make your choice.

best white quartz worktops for your kitchen ultra white

Ultra White is perfect if you want your kitchen worktop to be a bright white. The Ultra White quartz countertop looks amazing when paired with white gloss or matt kitchen units.  It’s a bold, statement choice for contemporary kitchen interiors.

best white quartz worktops for your kitchen clear white

Clear White is ideal for those who want a white quartz worktop but don’t want it to be too bright. It works well with different colour kitchen cabinets and materials, so it is an excellent all-round choice. Clear White quartz countertops are wonderful for modern kitchens.

best white quartz worktops for your kitchen chalk

Chalk is a softer white quartz countertop colour with small flecks for interest. It’s a wonderful option if you are pairing it with natural wood kitchen cabinets. I think it works especially well for Shaker style kitchens and period styles with a modern twist.

best white quartz worktops for your kitchen chalk polar white

Polar White is a bright yet warm white with small flecks in the quartz countertop for variation. Again, this shade of white would work if you have a contemporary kitchen. Team it with grey or dark kitchen cabinets, and it will look stunning.

best white quartz worktops for your kitchen ice white

Ice is a white and grey quartz surface which is perfect if you want to pair it with black, white, grey or blue kitchen cabinets. It’s a brilliant choice for anyone who doesn’t want a pure white countertop. I’m a big fan of grey so I’d choose this worktop for my kitchen.

If you are looking for a shimmer effect, try Arctic Shimmer which has a dusty sparkle. It is superb if you want a touch of glamour in your kitchen. Team this shimmering quartz worktop with gloss units, and you’ll be wanting to dance around the kitchen to celebrate your choice. Quartz Reflection is an excellent choice if you have a kitchen that lacks natural light. The quartz worktop gives off a fabulous reflection thanks to the mirror chips. It would suit black kitchen cabinets or dark wood units. I hope you will find the right white quartz worktop to suit your kitchen. Good luck with your project!

White Quartz Worktop Benefits

Quartz is an engineered stone with 93% natural quartz along with resins and polymers that help to create interesting finishes like the flecks, shimmer effects or reflections. The quartz material has many benefits; it is non-porous, does not stain and is easy to clean. There is no need to seal the surface, so it is low maintenance. The material is hard-wearing, heat resistant, scratch proof and comes with a 25-year warranty.

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White quartz worktops are a great choice whether you have a contemporary or traditional style property and kitchen. They are versatile with a glamorous appearance and timeless appeal. It’s no wonder that homeowners often choose a white surface for their kitchen and favour quartz. For more information about these white quartz countertops go to the CRL Quartz website.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: CRL Quartz. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post/Advertising.