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Designers Making Animal Adorned Homewares

If you love animal adorned homewares, you’ll want to know these five designer-makers. Yvonne Ellen, Emma J Shipley, Vicki Murdoch, Jessica Russell Flint and Sophie Allport are the women bringing animal magic into your home. Their work includes super cute safari theme tableware, mythical creatures on lampshades and kitsch cheetah cushions. There is something for everyone with pastel shades through vibrant colours and muted tones. Join me as I introduce you to five fabulous females who want to bring your interiors to life with their animal-adorned homewares.

designers making animal adorned homewares yvonne ellen containers

Fine Bone China Storage Jar Set by Yvonne Ellen

Five Designers Making Animal Adorned Homewares

designers making animal adorned homewares yvonne ellen plate

Giraffe Cake Plate by Yvonne Ellen

Yvonne Ellen is noted for her safari animals gracing plates, mugs, teapots, tea towels and more. Pastel colours dominate the collection with lovely light pinks, greens and blues. The illustrations are adorable, and my favourites are the zebras, elephants and sausage dogs. Other designs include whales, parrots and flamingos. Yvonne’s range is a must for anyone who wants a fun and happy teatime table.

designers making animal adorned homewares emma j shipley

Kruger Lampshade by Emma J Shipley

Emma J Shipley is a graphic artist known for her fine drawings featuring animals in various habitats. Her subject matter includes everything from a cheetah to a lynx, lemur and even mythical creatures like the unicorn. The colour palette is vibrant with golds, pinks and emerald greens. The collection includes cushions, lampshades, throws, bedding, tableware, wallpaper and much more. Emma’s designs are perfect for luxury interiors with a sense of humour.

designers making animal adorned homewares silken favours

Eye of The Leopard Lime Silk Cushion by Silken Favors

Vicki Murdoch is the Founder and Creative Director of Silken Favours. Her hand-drawn prints are super cute and kitsch. Vicki works with silk to make her cushions and fabrics alongside scarves, clothing and more. The natural world and animals feature heavily in Vicki’s work. She covers a wide range of subject matter from British Beasties (fox, donkey, etc.) to Cosmic Creatures (unicorn) and Jungle is Massive (giraffe, cheetah, etc.). Kaleidoscope style patterns are brought to life with beautiful bright colours.

designers making animal adorned homewares jessica russell flint

Zebra Velvet Cushion by Jessica Russell Flint

Jessica Russell Flint is a British Designer specialising in hand-illustrated prints. Her lifestyle products include handkerchiefs, hair accessories, silk scarves, and home accessories like cushions, silk pillowcases and napkins. You’ll find leopards, cheetahs and zebras decorating cushions. Her passion for bold colours and textures is evident in her work. Jessica’s luxury products are perfect for anyone who loves colour and a touch of luxury in their life.

designers making animal adorned homewares sophie allport

Elephant Cushion By Sophie Allport

Sophie Allport founded her British homeware brand in 2007. She is known for her country, wildlife and nature themes. Sophie paints her subject matter in an adorable, muted, soft colour palette. Animal designs include farmyard, woodland and safari animals. Expect to find Cows, Sheep, Elephants, Zebras and Highland Stags illustrated by Sophie. The collection features bedding, cushions, throws, lampshades, tableware, kitchen linens, plus much more. Sophie’s creations are just the thing for a country chic interior or a period property.

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Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: The featured image shows Amazon Pillowcase by Emma J Shipley. The other pictures are from Yvonne Ellen, Emma J Shipley, Silken Favours, Jessica Russell Flint and Sophie Allport.