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Browse These Amazing Online Art Shops

Online Art Shops Review: If your walls look dull and blank, it’s time to treat yourself to a collection of art. Online art shops make buying art easy and often plan to help you spread out the payments. You can search via the artist, style, size, format, medium and colours. It’s also a great way to discover new, up-and-coming artists. I’ve been buying art for many years, and it’s a pleasant bonus when the work appreciates. Look out for limited edition prints and one-off canvas paintings, which are likely to increase in price. Alternatively, cheer up your walls with inexpensive prints which you can replace when you fancy a change. I‘ve picked out some of my favourite online art shops and websites to buy wall art prints to get you started.

nline art shops karenina fabrizzi curious egg

Art by Karenina Fabrizzi from Curious Egg

Online Art Shops To Explore

Artfinder: This is the online shop for you if you are looking for original artwork from independent artists. The focus is on buying directly from the artist, which helps them make more money. With over 10,000 artists from over 100 countries and a staggering 15,000 new artworks added every month, you will be spoilt for choice. The ‘Sculpture’ section is awe-inspiring. I’ve bought a couple of wood sculptures from this shop before by Pavel Kuragain; check out her wooden sculptures and collage collection. If you are looking for a print, look at the work by Randi Antonsen, who lives in Norway above the Arctic Circle. Her work features nature, animals, abstract shapes and women.

online art shop pavel kuragain artfinder

Sculpture by Pavel Kuragain from Artfinder

Artmarket Gallery: The independent art gallery in East Yorkshire has a beautiful website. Artmarket sells work by new talent right through to celebrated artists like David Hockney. If you want a unique piece of art, they can organise this for you. A couple of my favourites include Keith McBride, who creates colourful imagery of London. Zee, a female artist from Budapest, Hungry, who resides in London, makes pop art style hand-embellished art featuring famous people from Madonna to Kate Moss and Freddie Mercury (see the featured image of Marilyn). The Steve Lovatt brightly coloured hand resin dogs, which look as though made from balloons, are too cute.

online art shops keith mcbride artrmarket gallery

Art by Keith McBride from Artmarket Gallery

Curious Egg: This lifestyle website’s ‘Art Room’ section features carefully curated contemporary art from visiting degree shows. Buy limited edition prints or original paintings. This online shop is perfect for viewing a smaller selection; it is not too daunting for the first-time art buyer. See the beautiful limited edition print by Karenina Fabrizzi (first picture in this article), which explores the complex nature of femininity.

artrepublic: View an extensive collection of work from Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol right through to fresh emerging upstarts. artrepublic has been curating works of art for over 20 years now, so you are in safe hands. Whether you are a seasoned collector or just dipping your toes in the water, they can help. Browse ‘Originals’ and ‘Exclusives’ if you want something unique or explore something from the ‘New’ category. I always enjoy viewing the ‘Graffiti’ section to see new prints by Ben Eine. On this website, an artist I came across is Tim Fowler; his contemporary portraits of famous women with bright and clashing colours and angular shapes are stunning.

online art shops tim fowler artrepublic

Art by Tim Fowler from artrepublic

Buy Inexpensive Prints From These Online Art Shops

Etsy UK: For inexpensive prints, Etsy is worth exploring. Click on the ‘Art and Collectibles’ section to view prints, paintings, drawings, illustrations, photography, and more. If you want a personalised art print, is the place for you. Click on the ‘Prints’ section of the website, and you’ll discover a world of cost-effective art.

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