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Brunch At Pear Tree Cafe Clapham Common London SW4

Our weekend brunch experience at the Pear Tree Cafe in Clapham Common, London SW4, was delightful. Accompanied by our puppy, we found the Pear Tree an ideal stop for food and refreshments. Enveloped by the serene environment of Clapham Common, this charming café provides a splendid view of the scenic Victorian Band Stand. The availability of numerous picnic benches allows you to indulge in alfresco dining while immersing yourself in the magnificent green expanses encircling you. If you’re looking for the best brunch places in Clapham Common or cafes in Clapham Common, you’ll appreciate the Pear Tree Cafe.

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“Kick back and relax with your family, friends and dog as you savour the brunch offerings at the Idyllic Pear Tree Cafe in the heart of Clapham Common,” Homegirl London.

Pear Tree Brunch Menu

At Pear Tree, you’ll find a thoughtful cafe-style menu featuring straightforward seasonal food perfect for brunch. You’ll appreciate the top-notch ingredients in creating delicious dishes, from Cracklebean Eggs to HG Walters’ Meat, Alfred Enderby’s Smoked Salmon and Eurofrutta’s vibrant Vegetables.

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Start your day with a few slices of homemade Sourdough Toast paired with Preserves, Marmite, or rich and creamy Peanut Butter. Alternatively, the Maple and Paprika Bacon Sandwich may hit the spot in a freshly made Ciabatta Roll. Meanwhile, the Smashed Avocado on Toast features Feta, Toasted Almonds, chilli flakes and Breakfast Radish, which may be your desired dish.

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Those fancying Eggs will enjoy the Soft Scrambled Cracklebean Eggs on Sourdough, a comforting dish where you can spice things up with the Chilli version. Elevate this dish further with extras, including rich Smoked Salmon, Maple and Paprika Bacon, or a serving of Black Pudding. We opted for our Scrambled Eggs on their own, and I can tell you that they were delicious. Children can try the Kid’s Breakfast with Egg, Bacon and Sourdough Toast or a Sausage and Fried Egg Bap.

pear tree cafe clapham common buttermilk pancakes compote

If you fancy something sweet, you’ll be tempted by the Oat Milk Porridge blended with Raspberry Chia Jam, a dollop of Almond Butter and Greek Yoghurt. We shared the Buttermilk Pancakes, a soft and warm stack drizzled with Seasonal Compote, Crème Fraiche and Maple Syrup. It’s the perfect option if you feel in an indulgent mood. Alternatively, their selection of Cakes and Pastries may tempt you.

pear tree cafe clapham common sweet potato fries

If brunch doesn’t call to you, perhaps our lunch offerings of a Grilled Sausage Sandwich, Warm Salad of Spice Roasted Cauliflower and Grilled Aubergines might, Grass-Fed Burger or a bowl of freshly made Soup paired with Sourdough.

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I was impressed by their beverage offerings, which showcased a variety of selections from Volcano Coffee. The hot drink options piqued my interest, particularly the Oat Matcha Latte, Almond Milk Turmeric Latte, and a refreshing infusion of Fresh Turmeric, Lemon, and Ginger, which I opted to try. In addition, they have a handful of Beers and Ciders, as well as Prosecco, Champagne, and Wine. For those who fancy cocktails, they provide Aperol Spritz, Gin and Tonic, and Vodka mixed with Soda and Lime.

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Helpful Information About Pear Tree Cafe Clapham Common

Discover more by visiting the Pear Tree Cafe website. Situated at Windmill Drive, London SW4 9DE, the cafe is conveniently located on Clapham Common, adjacent to the Victorian bandstand. It’s merely a brief stroll from Clapham Common station. According to the information on their website, they welcome guests from 8 am to 5 pm on Mondays and Fridays and from 8 am to 6 pm on weekends. The cafe offers ample alfresco dining with picnic-style benches in front and indoor seating to accommodate diners on wet and cold days. Furthermore, restroom facilities are available for your convenience.

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