Homegirl London finds the Bruno Mattress. If you’re searching for the best quality mattress then you should really meet Bruno. He’s definitely someone you’d want to spend the night with. Okay, he’s not a hunk but a mattress which will certainly give you the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had! Anyone interested in buying online mattresses and keen to find the most comfortable mattress type will certainly be interested in this high density foam version. It’s been perfectly engineered and extensively tested to give you a superior sleeping experience. Read on to find out why this is the best quality mattress you can buy online at a very reasonable price.

best quality mattress, in bedroom

Let’s Go To Bed

Quest to Make the Best Quality Mattress

With so many mattress variations on offer these days, it really can make you tired just thinking about it. But don’t despair because two guys from Berlin, Felix Baer and Andreas Bauer, have been working tirelessly (sorry about that pun, I couldn’t help myself!) to help you get the best night’s sleep ever. Their Berlin based start up is successful in Germany and has also been popular in Austria and France so they’ve expanded into the UK.

best quality mattress, on floor

Fabulous on the Floor

The duo had just one mission on their mind which was to make the best mattress in the world. Well, I suppose if you’re going to strive for something it might as well be big. They ended up creating the Bruno, which is a quality mattress designed to suit everyone. From reading over their customer reviews, it seems as though they just might have developed a fantastic mattress. The Bruno not only delivers on comfort but is also kind on your spine and looks very cool when undressed! Better still, the price is very competitive because you can only buy direct from their website. By cutting out all those middle people looking to make a profit, they help you save money and that’s also got to help you sleep better at night.

Best Quality Mattress Specifications

As I mentioned, the Bruno only comes in one variety which I think such a brilliant idea in itself because at times the choice can be overwhelming. It does however come in different sizes; single, double, king and super king and suits any bed frame (normal, spring and Ikea frames). After testing out hundreds of mattresses Felix and Andreas sussed out the optimum comfort and materials, which they believe, are much better than memory foam types. Their unique design features three main components; the special core made from polyurethane foam, a latex layer and then a cosy cotton cover.

best quality mattress, on bed frame

Fits Any Bed Frame

The polyurethane foam core has seven zones so the height is 24cm. This is an advanced high density foam which is suitable for people between 50-110kg. The polyurethane gives you firmer support for heavier body parts and relieves your shoulders and hips while your waist is easily supported. The Bruno magically, or rather scientifically, adapts to your body so you don’t have to worry about choosing between a soft, medium or firm option. This is because the foam core compresses under pressure. It doesn’t matter which position you like to sleep in either because Bruno will give you the best support and keep your spine straight as you snooze. This material is highly durable so you get a longer lifespan which is also a plus point and to demonstrate this, you get a ten year guarantee with each Bruno.

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Great Night’s Sleep

On top of the polyurethane foam core is a latex layer which is made from 3cm thick 100% natural rubber from Fairtrade suppliers. This rubber layer has vertical holes to provide excellent air circulation. Because of the softness, the latex will adapt to various body shapes to add to your comfort. To finish, the velvety soft pre-washed 100% cotton cover, which is hand sewn, has climate fibres to provide ventilation while you sleep. You can unzip the cover and pop it in the wash to keep your mattress as fresh as the day you bought it. The natural rubber and cotton cover are both made without chemical components which is satisfying to know. So there you have it, now you know why Bruno is the perfectly engineered mattress.

Buy Your Best Quality Mattress Online

To buy your very own German made Bruno visit the website at www.brunosleep.co.uk. The price is £400 for a single mattress (90cm x 190cm), £500 for a double mattress (135cm x 190cm), £650 for a king mattress (150cm x 200cm) and £750 for the super king mattress (180cm x 200cm). These prices include VAT and shipping is free within the UK.

best quality mattress, delivery box

Delivered in a Box

Aside from the great price, the other good news is that you can test the mattress for thirty days and if for any reason you are not satisfied you can return it free of charge. You also get a ten year guarantee which will surely give you a peaceful sleep. Bruno arrives in a box so it is easier to transport up stairs or through a small doorway. There are four side handles for easy positioning on your bed frame. Now I’ve told you everything I need to, I’m off to bed. I hope you and Bruno will be very happy together, don’t forget who introduced you!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Bruno. Disclosure: This is a sponsored feature.