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Buying Artificial Grass Online Made Easy

Artificial Grass Direct Online Shop Review: Have you been dreaming of a lush lawn without maintenance? Perhaps it’s time to consider replacing your tired lawn with artificial grass. Whatever you want to call it, fake grass or synthetic grass, artificial grass now looks very realistic. One of the significant benefits of this low-maintenance grass is that you don’t have to spend hours mowing, weeding or worrying about it. You can buy artificial grass online from Artificial Grass Direct, which is the UK’s number one supplier of quality artificial grass at reasonable prices. Read on if you’re interested in having a lush lawn all year round without having to do a thing.

Artificial Grass Online Selection

Artificial Grass Direct is an online retailer with a collection of fake grass from European manufacturers to suit different budgets and requirements. The Classic collection, for example, is value for money yet still high quality. You can use products from this range for lawns, patios, rooftop gardens, and around a swimming pool. Although if you can afford a swimming pool, you may want to check out the premium and luxury ranges! The grass is UV protected, child and pet-friendly and guaranteed between five and seven years. Prices range from £4.99 to £8.99 per square meter.

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Botanic Artificial Grass

The Premium and Luxury collections are more expensive, but they do look luscious, thick and dense. Thanks to the combination of green tones, it is tough to tell that these products are faux. The guarantee is more extended, up to ten years. As with the classic range, these grasses are UV-protected, child and pet-friendly. Prices range from £9.50 to £28.99 per square meter.

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Essex Artificial Grass

If you want to create an impact, perhaps one of the colour faux grasses might be your thing. Choose from black, silver, purple, pink and more. Of course, a colour faux grass is going to look fake, so you won’t be fooling anyone that it’s real!

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Artificial Grass Benefits

The upkeep was expensive when I had a garden, and I only had a small plot. After a garden re-design, I had new turf laid as the previous lawn got overtaken with weeds. At first, the grass looked lovely, but within a year, the weeds started sprouting, and it was a never-ending cycle of me pulling out weeds and them coming back; sometimes, I felt like it was personal! After admitting defeat, I called in the experts, but it was expensive. And guess what? When the gardeners left before I knew it, those weeds were back!

Luckily faux grass has come a long way since its invention. It was easy to spot that it was fake in the early days. Today, though, you would find it difficult to tell one of the luxury faux grasses apart from the real thing. Homeowners are attracted to synthetic turf due to its low maintenance and convenience. Having a faux lawn means no more mowing, weeding, pesticides or watering. If you have children, they can play safely on the grass, as can your pets. It also cuts down on less mud tracked into your home. With all that extra time on your hands, you can invite your friends round for a barbecue! I wonder if they will be able to spot that your lawn is fake?

Buy Artificial Grass Online

You can buy artificial grass online here. Artificial Grass Direct is the UK’s number one online shop. By selling direct to the public and trade from the website, you can save money which is always great. If you are going to install it yourself, you may want to purchase accessories such as the Weed Membrane, Fixing Nails, Joining Tape, etc. Please refer to the online installation guide for advice. If you would prefer to hire an expert, you can use the Professional Installation Service Locator. Now stop dreaming about having a luscious lawn and do something about it! Order your free samples online today.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Supplied by Artificial Grass Direct. Disclosure: This is a sponsored post/advert.