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Carpet Tiles For Home and Office Transformation

If you’re looking to transform a floor in your home or office, carpet tiles are a great option. With a wide range of carpet tile choices, versatility and ease of installation, this is a fabulous floor covering to check out. I’ve picked two of my favourite varieties of carpet tiles from BRICOFLOR to share with you.

modulyss gleam and modulyss spark carpet tiles

Modulyss Gleam And Modulyss Spark

Modulyss Carpet Tiles

The Modulyss Carpet Tiles are sustainable and environmentally friendly premium tiles created from raw and recycled materials. These are brilliant for both residential and commercial use. With a unique ‘dBack’ backing, they help to reduce noise, absorb footfall impact and even reduce leg muscle fatigue.

modulyss patchwork carpet tiles selection

Modulyss Patchwork

The carpet tiles are available in square and rectangle shapes, so you can be creative with your pattern (herringbone, chevron, half brick or chequerboard). Colour options range from earthy tones to bright and bold shades. With plain styles and patterns (stripes, blocks and gradients), you’ll surely find the perfect carpet tile to make your space sensational!

carpet tiles modulyss patchwork and modulyss cambridge

Modulyss Patchwork And Modulyss Cambridge

One of the collections in the Modulyss range is the Cambridge Carpet Tile selection. The range features a massive variety of 45 different colourways, from subtle beige to vibrant bright oranges and gorgeous greys. It is straightforward to create your dream floor with Cambridge Carpet Tiles.

Schatex Carpet Tiles

Schatex is another environmentally friendly carpet tile choice using raw and recycled materials with reinforced fibreglass backing. They have a wide range of products for use in homes or offices, which can also be used on raised floors.

schatex simply soft collage carpet tiles copy

Schatex Simply Soft Collection

One of my favourites is the Schatex Simply Soft collection, created with residential properties in mind. The 100% polypropylene material delivers a stunning velour effect which is shiny and soft. Your floors will feel warm and comfortable underfoot, which is the best welcome home you could wish for. This collection features eight different versatile colours, perfect for mixing and matching to construct your desired look. Schatex delivers a cost-effective way to cover your floor with a premium-feeling product at a competitive price.

Benefits of Carpet Tiles

There are many benefits to carpet tiled flooring:

• Durable and longer-lasting than carpets
• High resistance to colour fading over time
• Gives you the creative freedom to customise your design
• Easy to relocate, can be installed and uninstalled with ease
• Simple to clean stained tiles by replacing with a new one
• Installation does not necessarily require a fitter
• Installation does not need glue which saves you time and money
• Transportation is easier than a rolled-up carpet

modulyss first range carpet tiles kitchen

Modulyss First Range Carpet Tiles Kitchen

Perhaps the most significant benefit is the ease of fitting the carpet tiles because it is essentially a floating floor. It’s a good idea to sketch a design layout first and make sure you follow the pile direction. Gather a tape measure, chalk line, set square and utility knife, and you’re good to go.

Make sure the carpet tiles are fitted properly to avoid trip hazards; you can use apply TacTiles for better fixing. Be mindful to follow the pile of tiles to ensure it looks fabulous. You may be able to spot the seams (joints), but I think that’s fine; these are tiles, after all.

Where to Buy Carpet Tiles From

You can find all the carpet tile collections featured in this article from the online flooring and wallpaper experts BRICOFLOR. This is just a small selection of their carpet tiles. With thousands of products to choose from, ranging from carpets and luxury vinyl tiles to engineered wood flooring and even wallpaper, BRICOFLOR has the perfect solution for your residential and commercial needs.

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