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Hakata Ramen Bermondsey Street London SE1

Restaurant Review: Hakata Ramen. Homeboy and I were super excited when we found out a ramen restaurant was opening around the corner from us. If you’re looking for ramen Bermondsey Street, Japanese food near London Bridge or places to eat in SE1, check out Hakata Ramen.

hakata ramen bermondsey street london se1, spicy vegan ramen

“Get your ramen fix at this little restaurant with downstairs dive bar located on Bermondsey Street; the vegan ramen selection is excellent!” Homegirl London

Hakata Ramen Bermondsey Street London SE1 Menu

As soon as the menu was put up on the outside of the restaurant, I had a look to check that they had vegan/vegetarian options, and thankfully they did! The vegan ramen includes the following broths – Tonkotsu (vegan Tonkotsu with fried tofu and soy mince), Kumamoto (vegan Tonkotsu with burnt garlic oil), Shoyu (soy broth with mushrooms), Miso (miso broth with mushrooms) and Spicy Miso (spicy miso broth with mushrooms). The meaty versions of these contained pork, chicken or both.

hakata ramen bermondsey street london se1, vegan ramen

Vegan Shoyu Ramen

You can pimp up your ramen with soy strained soft boiled egg, mushrooms, tofu karaage, spicy soy mince, bamboo, roasted seaweed, shredded pickled ginger, bean sprouts, burnt corn, garlic chips, chashu pork or shredded chicken. Homeboy selected the Spicy Miso which had a heat kick. I went for the Shoyu which was full of natural goodness. It tasted excellent in my opinion. Our bowls were brimming with premium ingredients and plenty of noodles which you can ask to be cooked soft, hard or very hard. They also had gluten-free noodles if you wanted those instead.

hakata ramen bermondsey street london se1, gyoza

Vegetable Gyoza

Aside from ramen, you can try the light, fluffy steamed soft buns. These are filled with chashu pork, chicken karaage or aubergine katsu which we tried and loved. Next time I’m going to check out the katsu sando which is a Japanese style hot sandwich with similar fillings as the steamed buns. Gyoza (four pieces) included chicken, pork and vegetable/vegan options. Chicken wings, chicken karaage, tofu karaage, kimchi, edamame and lotus root chips are also available.

hakata ramen bermondsey street london se1, vegan steamed bun

Aubergines Katsu Steamed Soft Buns

To give you the idea of price points ramen is £9.50, additional ramen toppings £0.60-3, steamed buns £4.25, gyoza £4-4.50 and Japanese hot sandwich £5.50-6.50. The drinks list includes Japanese beers, flavoured cocktails and Square Root soft drinks.

Hakata Ramen Bermondsey Street London SE1 Interiors

hakata ramen bermondsey street london se1, interiors

Restaurant Interior

The restaurant is very minimal in décor. The walls were painted a muted colour and the floor is stained wood. There are a couple of tables for two overlooking Bermondsey Street. Otherwise, it is high tables with stools. Towards the back, there is a staircase with a neon bar sign. Head down to the basement where you will find an intimate bar with seating.

Hakata Ramen Bermondsey Street London SE1 Information

hakata ramen bermondsey street london se1, exterior

Restaurant Exterior

To find out more about the restaurant, go to the Hakata Website. The restaurant address is 179 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UW. The nearest station is London Bridge, if you exit at The Shard and walk down Bermondsey Street, you will find it. Check the website for opening times. The ramen is delicious, so make sure you visit soon!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. Thanks: Homeboy for dining with me.