I enjoyed a delicious meal at the Ceviche Restaurant Old Street the other evening with a group of friends. This is a Peruvian Kitchen and Pisco Bar by the award winning Peruvian chef and restaurateur Martin Morales. There is a second Ceviche branch in Soho and the sister eatery, Andina, is located on Redchurch Street. You’ll certainly enjoy plenty of delicious and creatively presented small plates bursting with fresh flavours. Many dishes feature super foods and there’s an interesting mix of influences which keeps things interesting. If you’re looking for the best Peruvian restaurants or places to eat near Old Street do give the Ceviche Restaurant Old Street a try … but make sure you book in advance!

ceviche restaurant old street dish

“Interesting flavour influences using fresh ingredients and creatively presented small plates which will certainly please your palate,” Homegirl London

Ceviche Restaurant Old Street Menu

If you’re wondering what the word Ceviche means, it’s a Latin American seafood dish made from raw fish cured in citrus juices and spiced with hot peppers. You will notice the term Tiger’s Milk on the menu which is the Peruvian name for the citrus based marinade that cures the seafood in a ceviche. Just so you know, Pisco is a white brandy made in Peru from Muscat grapes which you’ll notice on the drinks menu. Make sure you order yourself a Pisco cocktail to try.

ceviche restaurant old street, pork bites

Deep Fried Pork Bites

Okay, lesson over, now let’s talk about the food! Aside from the Andes and Amazon of Peru focus, influences also come from Nikkei (Peruvian ingredients cooked Japanese style), Chifa (Chinese style Peruvian dishes like wantons) and Criolla (Spanish flavours). You’ll find plenty of superfood ingredients and a good selection of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes plus gluten free options. It’s all small plates so you can try about three to four per person. Share these with your friends so you get to sample a wide range.

ceviche restaurant old street, broad bean dip

Broad Bean Dip with Yuca Crisps

To start you can try a selection of nibbles which include a broad bean dip with yucca crisps. This tasted fresh and summery with coriander and mint flavours coming through. Homeboy tried the sea bass round croquettes with a hot chilli dip. They arrived presented in a cone shaped grease proof paper which was very cute. Homeboy loved these and it stopped his stomach rumbling while we waited for our guests to appear. Other nibbles included deep fried pork bites, grilled queen scallops and chicken wanton fritters. Our group actually tried all of those which were greatly appreciated.

ceviche restaurant old street, sea bass croquettes

Seabass Croquettes

From the Ceviche bar you can order seabass, cobia (marine fish), scallops, king prawns or the catch of the day. These are mainly made with tiger’s milk with a chilli kick, red onion, sweet potato and plantain crisps. To give you an idea, the Don Ceviche is seabass with Amarillo chilli tiger’s milk, sweet potato, red onion and limo chilli. Three people ordered this, so it was a popular choice. Meanwhile I took advantage of the veggie option, Minca Tiradito, this was fermented heritage carrots with yuzu tiger’s milk, samphire, shallots and black quinoa. It was amazing I have to say, a great dish which was pretty powerful on the palate.

ceviche restaurant old street, don ceviche

Don Ceviche

Then you have the grilled plates. Choose from panco-marinated beef heart skewers with a chilli sauce and corn. Or cobia with chilli and baby bok choy. Braised short rib is served with quince jelly, yucca and garlic mash. They also have sirloin steak and a grilled citrus marinated octopus. Chicken lovers can go for the marinated corn fed rotisserie chicken with chips and a hot armarillo chilli dip.

ceviche restaurant old street, corn and feta cake

Corn and Feta Cheese Savoury Cake

Classics include my favourite which was the corn and feta cheese savoury cake, it was so creamy and you could really taste the corn. They also serve grilled marinated Iberico pork with adobo sauce, choclo corn and coriander puree. There were also fish options and pan seared duck.

ceviche restaurant old street, salad

Heritage Baby Beetroot Salad

The sides and salads are worth exploring. Cassava chips with cheesy sauce is great if you’re looking for comfort food. The grilled cauliflower with rocoto chilli cheesy sauce and roasted peanuts was very good. The salads are well presented and full of flavour, we tried the one with heritage baby beetroots, squashed golden berries and avocado mousse which was fabulous.

ceviche restaurant old street, charred caulliflower

Charred Cauliflower

No one had room for desserts because we were full which was a shame because I did have my eye on the pumpkin doughnuts with cinnamon ice cream! I’m still thinking about this now and really wish I’d ordered it. The maca root macaroon with banana rum cream also sounded very tempting. You can also try the dark chocolate sponge with vanilla egg custard and caramel sauce. Or perhaps you might like the Peruvian ice creams or sorbets.

ceviche restaurant old street dessert


At the weekend you can also enjoy brunch which is a Peruvian take on a fry up or kippers with quinoa pancakes, poached eggs and asparagus. Sunday roasts include rotisserie chicken, or Peruvian Japanese style marinade suckling pig. The roasts come with quinoa Yorkshire pudding and other interesting twists on this traditional meal. With an interesting menu, this is a great place to enjoy a meal with your foodie friends.

Ceviche Restaurant Old Street Interiors

This restaurant is housed in the building which used to be the Alexandra Trust Dining Rooms. It was built in 1898 with money from Sir Thomas Lipton, the man behind Lipton Tea, to provide cheap meals to the working classes. The Victorian interiors are still evident today which is nice to see. You’ll enjoy the grand feeling of parquet floors, tiled walls, gigantic glass lights and leather seating. Against this period backdrop the walls are adorned with art work from Peru’s top contemporary artists which is an interesting juxtaposition.

ceviche restaurant old street interior space

Restaurant Interiors

As you enter the building there is the greeting come reception desk. To the left you’ll find the bar area plus dining space and straight ahead is yet more room to dine. This is quite a large space seating up to 130 customers. With an open kitchen you can see the chefs at work. The tables are nicely spaced out so you do get privacy from your neighbours.

Ceviche Restaurant Old Street Information

ceviche restaurant old street exterior

Restaurant Exterior

Cuisine: Peruvian cuisine with variety of influences – Japanese, Chinese and Spanish
Price: Nibbles £2.50-8, ceviche dishes £7.50-12, grilled dishes £8-18.50, classic dishes £6.50-13, sides and salads £4.50-10 and desserts £4.50-9
Website: Ceviche Old Street
Address: 2 Baldwin Street, London EC1V 9NU
Near: Old Street
Open: Monday to Thursday 12pm-10.45pm, Friday 12pm-11.30pm, Saturday 11am-11.30pm and Sunday 11am-9.30pm, the kitchen is closed between 4-5pm
Décor: Victorian style
Seating: 130 seats on one level
Toilets: Towards the back, you’ll see a door near the open kitchen
Reservations: Advisable
Service Charge: Yes

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London and from the restaurant. Thanks: To the boys who dined with me – Homeboy, Robin, Richard and Alex.

Ceviche Restaurant Old Street London
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