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Charing Cross Station Tour Accesses All Areas

London Visit: Charing Cross Station Tour. If you feel like you’ve seen all the major tourist attractions in London, it’s time to go behind the scenes and access all areas. I was invited by the London Transport Museum to do just that at one of London’s famous underground stations. Join me on the Charing Cross Station Tour courtesy of Hidden London.

charing cross station tour accesses all areas, meeting point

Hidden London Tour Meeting Point

Charing Cross Station Tour Highlights

I really didn’t know what to expect from the Charing Cross Station Access All Areas Tour and was pleasantly surprised. Londoners often rush around the underground while being oblivious as to what goes on behind the scenes. The Hidden London Tour allows you to access unseen parts of the station coupled with a fascinating history lesson. I won’t give you all the information because that would spoil it for you, go on the tour and listen to what the experts have to say.

charing cross station tour accesses all areas, escalator

Escalators In Disused Part of Station

After you’ve put on your hi-vis yellow jacket, you are taken to a part of Charing Cross Station which isn’t used by the public. Due to better routes being found for the underground trains, the Jubilee Line Extension is now used as a place to test station safety improvements on the platforms. The yellow way out signs to the safety surfaces and a hump to help the boarding of pushchairs and wheelchairs are all road-tested there. Buskers are auditioned in this part of the station before they are granted permission to sing and play instruments to the public.

charing cross station tour accesses all areas, escalators

Escalators In Disused Part of Station

Filming is a large part of the revenue from this disused part of Charing Cross Station. James Bond to Bourne and the Bear (Paddington) have all been filmed here. The escalators and platforms look just like a regular station but on closer inspection, the advertising posters are slightly different and so is some of the signage which has been left behind by the props departments. You are shown clips of the movies filmed in the station which brings this aspect to life.

charing cross station tour accesses all areas, ventilation shaft

Construction Tunnel

You are taken through the construction tunnel which is used to bring in and take out building materials. It’s a bit dirty in this part so don’t wear white! You’ll discover how the ventilation works and view a ventilation shaft which is interesting. Next time you feel a gust of wind when the tube arrives you will know why that is.

charing cross station tour accesses all areas, ventilation shaft

Ventilation Shaft

With knowledgeable speakers, video clips of the movies and information boards showing diagrams, this is a great educational tour for Londoners and visitors to the capital.

Who Would Enjoy The Charing Cross Station Tour

This tour is perfect for:

• Anyone who feels like they’ve done all the top London tourist landmarks and activities
• People visiting London who would like to do something different and unusual
• Train, tube and transport enthusiasts
• Commuters who use Charing Cross Station

This tour isn’t good for children under 14, anyone who doesn’t like dark or confined spaces or those who needs help with their mobility.

Charing Cross Station Tour Information

charing cross station tour accesses all areas, information booklet

Information Booklet

For more information go to the London Transport Museum Website. The tour takes 75 minutes and you should arrive early because the team need to check your photo ID. There are 20 places on the tour so book in advance. Tickets cost £41.50 with concessions priced £36.50.  The London Transport Museum is a charity and the tours help fund the Museum, so your money goes to a good cause. Wear practical and flat footwear (not sandals or high heels) and make sure you take a bottle of water with you. You can buy Hidden London Merchandise on the website if you want a souvenir. Enjoy your tour!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. Thanks: London Transport Museum for two free tickets and Homeboy for joining me on the tour.