cherished gold tops dulux colour charts 2016

Cherished Gold Tops Dulux Colour Charts

If you’re planning on having any interior decorating work carried out soon, just hold on a minute and read this article first. Top of the Dulux colour charts for 2016 will be gold paint for walls. After much debate, the ColourFutures panel has settled upon the charming and ochre tones of Cherished Gold Paint as their overriding colour of the year 2016. You might have noticed that everything from furniture to home accessories and lighting has been given the Midas touch recently. Now you have the perfect colour to enhance and complement all your golden prized possessions. Read on to find out more about the gold star positioning of Cherished Gold Paint on the Dulux Colour Charts.

dulux colour charts, colour of the year

Big Round of Applause For The Dulux Colour of the Year (Picture Affiliate Link)

Cherished Gold Paint Tops Dulux Colour Charts

For 2016 the Dulux ColourFutures Panel of industry experts has selected four main trends which set their key colour palettes for the year. The overarching colour which works across all of these trends and these associated palettes is Cherished Gold. This exceptional colour isn’t a bold gold, it has warmth and depth and is more ochre rather than harsh or brash. It’s bright enough to get noticed and inclusive enough to welcome other paint colours on board.

dulux colour charts, cherished gold, living room

Living Room: Cherished Gold / Soft Almond 2 / Lucky Penny / Soft Cinnebar 5 (Picture Affiliate Link)

The colour gold is evocative of opulence, wealth, luxury and just about anything that is first class. This interpretation is more about honesty and modesty than outlandishness and pretentiousness. Last year the colour choice from Dulux was Copper Blush and Cherished Gold is a natural evolution from those coppery tones.

dulux colour charts, cherished gold, hallway

Hallway: Soft Almond 2 / Cherished Gold with Wood Paint Effect (Picture Affiliate Link)

The warmth of the ochre tones means that Cherished Gold complements natural wood. This is a real bonus since most of the nation has invested in wooden flooring, wooden dining room furniture or wooden kitchen cabinets. So hopefully this colour will work well with your existing home décor and bring your interior scheme up to date with a fresh lick of paint.

Complementary Paints From Dulux Colour Charts

Layer Connecting Rooms: Cherished Gold works well with other colours from the Dulux paint chart and has its own dedicated colour palette. I’m loving the layers depicted in this particular picture. The room in front has been coated with Soft Cinnebar 5 which is a delightful dusty pink. The layer behind that is a beautiful coffee biscuit called Salisbury Stones. The back wall of the bathroom is rooted with the Cherished Gold.

dulux colour charts, cherished gold, connecting rooms

Connecting Rooms: Soft Cinnebar 5 / Salisbury Stones 3 / Cherished Gold (Picture Affiliate Link)

Make Warehouse Walls Wonderful: Here is a slightly different arrangement of these colours but with the use of Sun Dust 1 instead of Salisbury Stones 3. The top portion of the brick wall has been coated with the pretty Soft Cinnebar 5. The middle stripe is the Sun Dust 1, which actually reminds me of the Burford Brown egg yolks. Below you have your star attraction of Cherished Gold.

dulux colour charts, cherished gold, warehouse walls

Warehouse Walls: Soft Cinnebar 5 / Sun Dust 1 / Cherished Gold (Picture Affiliate Link)

Say Hello to a Handsome Hallway: For an interesting hallway, the Soft Almond 2 draws you towards the staircase. Here, the walls have been roughly divided with the Cherished Gold on the bottom and that adorable Soft Cinnebar 5 on the top half. The free and unrestrained brushstrokes of the two paints fusing together make this painting approach appear effortless and carefree.

dulux colour charts, cherished gold, stairs and hallway

Hallway and Staircase: Soft Almond 2 / Cherished Gold / Soft Almond 2 (Picture Affiliate Link)

Sitting Room Pretty: For an interesting sitting room try the combination of Cherished Gold on the top portion of the wall. Add a slim line of Sun Dust Gold as a separator and finish off at the bottom with Lucky Penny. Keep your upholstery and furnishings in natural tones and brighten up with a few bright illustrations or fresh flowers of daffodils or sunflowers.

dulux colour charts, cherished gold, sitting room

Sitting Room: Cherished Gold / Sun Dust 1 / Lucky Penny (Picture Affiliate Link)

References for Complementary Dulux Colour Charts

dulux colour charts, cherished gold, paint palette

Home Office: Complementary Colour Palette (Picture Affiliate Link)

The Dulux Colour of the Year is Cherished Gold which has a number reference of 20YY 36/370. Dulux has identified a ten colour palette which works well with Cherished Gold, the references for these are …

Sun Dust 1: 30YY 41/700
Caramel Blush 1: 10YY 26/321
Soft Cinnebar 5: 70RR 64/034
Soft Almond 2: 90YR 36/203
Lucky Penny: 90YR 16/129
Atlas Blue: 10BG 63/097
Fossil Trace: 70YY 46/053
Paper Mint: 50GG 63/042
Salisbury Stone 3: 45YY 53/151
Rum Caramel 1: 30YY 05/044

For more about visit the Dulux Website (Affiliate Link).

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