Profiles Feature: Chinese Art of Living Exhibition Brands. I’m super excited about the pop-up showcase of Chinese talent coming to the UK. This takes place from 16-26 November 2018 in Covent Garden, London. I’ve picked out a few of the brands taking part at the Chinese Art of Living Exhibition which I thought sounded interesting ….

chinese art of living exhibition brands, yiyang yisheng

Yiyang Yisheng

Chinese Art of Living Exhibition Brands To Check Out

Hundredicrafts, Baigong Zaowu: Created by Cong Ma, a Chinese artist and designer. He draws on China’s diverse cultural heritage with his range inspired by natural Chinese icons. The emerald green tea sets are based on the famed Porcelain Tower in Nanjing, a magnificent 15th century pagoda.

chinese art of living exhibition brands, cong ma echo green tea set

Hundredicrafts, Baigong Zaowu

Flux: Known for their elegant and luxurious lamps which are inspired by the ancient Chinese fan. The fan is traditionally round and has been reinterpreted into sophisticated home lighting which is made from layers of Xuan rice paper and silk.

chinese art of living exhibition brands, flux light


Yiyang Yisheng: Created by young designer Xiang Xiangfei whose work explores a central theme of time and emotion in order to create tableware, ceramics and vases that connect with people and evolve organically over time with their owners.

chinese art of living exhibition brands, yiyang yisheng plates

Yiyang Yisheng

Yaang Life: Established by designer Yang Wang, and fast becoming one of China’s most influential lifestyle brands, the range includes tea and incense implements, homeware and interiors, gifts and fashion accessories.

Keyiart: Established in 1997, Keyi’s designs draw on Chinese traditional culture such as the famous classic novel the “Dream of Red Mansions” set in Nanjing during the Qing dynasty. With tradition at the core of its design concept, Keyi creates luxury pieces that chime with the local culture and art of Nanjing.

Man Wuzhi: A collaboration of designers, artists, writers and artisans committed to researching and creating handmade products that revive elements of traditional folk art alongside Chinese calligraphy.

Master Gao Beer: This is China’s first beer brewing enterprise and they are thus the leading player in the craft beer movement in China. They have made a Jasmine T-lager which is very exciting!

More Chinese Art of Living Exhibition Brands

A few of the lifestyle products you will see at the exhibition include sunglasses, jewellery, fashion, wall hangings, vases, stationery, beer and more. These brands represent Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Many of the brands and designers are award winning names. It’s a wonderful mix of traditional craft to contemporary creations which is why this exhibition is well worth visiting!

Chinese Art of Living Exhibition Information

chinese art of living exhibition brands flier

Exhibition Information


Exhibition: Exhibition of lifestyle brands from Chinese designers plus workshops

Organiser: Yiyang Xu who is a London based Chinese entrepreneur

Dates:16-26 November 2018

Times: 9.30am until 5.30pm

Address: 9 Shorts Gardens, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9AT

If you want to take part in a workshop, here is information and you can buy tickets on Eventbrite:

The Art of Silk Embroidery and Silk Image Cutting, Friday 16 November 2018, 3pm-5pm

Ceramics Workshop, Saturday 17 November 2018, 2pm-4pm

Yaping Incense Lore Workshop, Saturday 24 November 2018, 2pm-4pm

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Exhibition organiser. Disclosure: This is a sponsored feature.

Chinese Art of Living Exhibition Brands
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