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Choosing The Best Skirting Board Finishes And Designs

Skirting boards help to achieve a neat appearance where your plastered wall meets the floor in your home. With so many skirting board options, the choice can be bewildering. I’m here to help you narrow down the best skirting board finishes and designs for your home. The perfect place to shop is online at Skirting World in Birmingham because they stock hundreds of skirting boards at competitive prices. What’s excellent about Skirting World is that they give you four finish options for each skirting type. Join me as I guide you through the world of skirting boards!

how to choose the best skirting boards

Tips For Choosing The Best Skirting Board Finishes and Designs

Let’s start with making a simple decision about choosing a finish on skirting boards; Skirting World offers unprimed, primed, undercoated or matt grey options. Unprimed skirting means that you need to apply the primer, undercoat and topcoat yourself. It’s a great option if you wish to use a particular designer paint brand. If you want to save some of the hard work, primed skirting can make your life much easier. Better still, opt for the undercoated skirting; all you have to do is apply your topcoat. Because the skirting boards are rubbed down and spray painted with primer or undercoat, you get a fantastic finish. It’s a great way to cut down on painter and decorating costs.

Most people paint their skirting boards white. I think matt is a more beautiful finish than gloss and is less likely to fade or discolour. A room often appears more dramatic if you paint the walls and skirting in the same colours. Grey is a popular neutral colour for homes, in which case the matt grey skirting would make your life very easy! If you’d like natural wood colour, consider Pine rather than MDF.

choosing the best skirting board finishes

Something a little more difficult is deciding which skirting board design suits your interiors. If you live in a period property, it’s best to opt for a medium to high traditional design such as Period, Antique, Georgian, Elizabethan or Heritage. Art Deco homes would benefit from the striking Cloud MDF Skirting Board featuring four smooth curves at the top.

Choose a minimal skirting board like a Bullnose or Rounded shape for modern and contemporary homes. Some of the Skirting World designs I like include Edge and Chamfer.

Once you’ve selected your skirting board shape, choose the height, thickness and length. How high and thick you want your skirting to be is a matter of taste. You’ll need higher skirting if there is a big gap between the wall plaster and the floor. Higher skirting boards work well for period properties, while modern homes can get away with thinner skirtings.

Another consideration is matching your door architrave with the design of your skirting boards for a cohesive appearance. I recommend you purchase both the skirting board and the architrave from the same company to get a closer match.

I hope my tips for choosing the best skirting board finish and design are helpful!

Where To Buy Skirting Boards Online

Skirting World in Birmingham is a UK online shop specialising in high-quality skirting boards and architraves. This company helps customers find the best skirting board design to suit their period or modern property with over a hundred designs. Everything is manufactured in-house, allowing for quality control and custom sizes. They even take care of the delivery, which means you get the best service from a company that knows how important skirting boards are to their customers. Good luck with your project!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Supplied by Skirting World. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post/Advertising.