colourful geometric interior trends crush

Colourful Geometric Interior Trends Crush

Thankfully the Interior trends for 2017 will have some bright and bold abstract geometric patterns to liven up our whitewashed homes. There are a few designers you can always rely on to wake us up like Laura Spring, Dana Finnigan and Quirk and Rescue. I got a peek at their new collections at the design shows this week, and you’re in for a treat. Fans of pattern cushions, bold wallpapers and funky upholstery fabrics will be jumping for joy when they see these bright beauties. Here are four of my favourite colourful and abstract geometric patterns to dazzle you. Keep an eye out for these interior trends if you want to banish the beige from your home!

interior trends, laura spring cushions

Designs by Laura Spring

Four Designers Showcasing Bold Interior Trends

Laura Spring: At Design Junction Laura was presented two collections. ‘Milkky’ is a design named after a Finnish wooden skittle game, you’ll see the skittle shapes in the pattern. You can brighten up your home with the square-shaped cushions or upholster chairs in the fresh fabrics. Four colourways feature orange with yellow, blue with yellow, pink with green and light blue with dark blue. Laura’s other new pattern is ‘Disruption’ which is her take on animal patterns and camouflages like the stripes of zebras. Buy a Disruption cushion in beautiful combinations of blues, greens or pinks to brighten up your sofa. Laura also makes slouch bags, tote bags, rucksacks, makeup bags and purses. Visit the Laura Spring Website for more information.

interior trends laura spring

Designs by Laura Spring

Dana Finnigan: Interior surface pattern designer, Dana, loves bold and colourful patterns. At this year’s Design Junction Dana was showcasing her amazing Lente pattern on luxury velvet cushions, upholstered armchairs and a modesty screen room divider. The colourways included orange and green, blue and red and pink with blue. Dana’s designs are all about abstract and geometric collage, and past inspiration has included Japanese woodblocks, crystals, geodes and feathers. You’ll find Dana’s prints covering wallpaper, cushions and ceramic objects. Visit the Dana Finnigan Website for more information.

interior trends, dana finnigan

Designs by Dana Finnigan

Quirk and Rescue: If your home needs to break free from the norm, this is the brand for you. Quirk and Rescue are known for their bright retro ‘punk’ and ‘disco’ cushions. This new Geometric Dazzlecam pattern, which was on display at Tent London (London Design Fair), is powerful and punchy. It is available in red, green, grey or white backgrounds with an overlay of a geometric pattern which has been inspired by abstract naval camouflage and modernist art. With digitally printed wallpapers and matching cushions, it’s a great way to liven up your lounge. Visit the Quirk and Rescue Website for more information.

interiors trend, quirk and rescue

Designs by Quirk and Rescue

William Branton: Go crazy with William’s vibrant printed cushions. William’s geometric designs are like a trippy kaleidoscope in the brightest of colours. These patterns adorn high-quality British made products which include cushions, pencil cases, tote bags, scarves and art prints. His cushions are an instant way to pump up the volume in your home. Get those sunglasses out! Visit the William Branton Website for more information.

interiors trend william branton

Designs by William Branton

More Designers Showcasing Bold Interior Trends

If you’ve got a crazy crush for bold, geometric, graphic or vibrant designs and patterns, you should also check out these designers who are also amazing.

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Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Laura Spring, Dana Finnigan, Quirk and Rescue and William Branton. Thanks: Seen PR for press information and photography.