With spring in the air it’s time to freshen up your creative space with some colourful home office storage solutions.  I’ve found a selection of small storage cabinets, small shelves and wire baskets which are perfect for compact workrooms.  These pieces come in pretty pastel shades with an industrial-style edge.  Here are my top home office storage solutions to get you started – happy organising!

home office storage solutions cabinets

Colourful Storage Solutions for Small Home Offices

For Home Office Storage Solutions Try These Small Storage Cabinets

I just love the beautiful colour of the Light Blue Metal Cabinet.  This piece has been inspired by the vintage industrial era and has been built using textured metal.  The item has been distressed so it looks more authentic and will get even better when you’ve worn it in.  With nine easy-access drawers, you have enough space to organise all your office sundries.  You also have room on top of the cabinet to sit your printer or reference books.  It stands upon slim legs with rounded ends. The measurements are 76cm wide, 76cm high and 34cm in depth – £280 from Urban Outfitters (UK).

home office storage solutions blue nine drawer metal cabinet

Light Blue Metal Cabinet

The Kare Six Basket Cabinet is fun.  You get six basket drawers which have been authentically aged for that industrial touch.  The baskets come in assorted colours and styles for interest with numbers on the front.  These are housed within a metal frame which stands upon casters so can be rolled around where needed.  This storage unit is great because you get visibility of the contents.  It would also work well in the kitchen for fruit and veg storage.  The measurements are 55cm wide, 100cm in height and 47cm in depth – £350 from Urban Outfitters (UK).

home office storage solutions metal trolly on wheels

Colourful Kare Six Basket Cabinet

Oliver Bonas has a collection of Grid Storage Units which come in an assortment of delightful colours and sizes.  The standing two shelves come in copper or orange while the standing three shelves are available in mint, pink or white.  The five shelves wall unit is available in copper or white and the two shelves wall unit is in copper only.  You can mix a few colours together to add interest to your home office.  Sizes vary so do check online – £45-85 from Oliver Bonas Ltd.

home office storage solutions grid wire shelving units

Colourful Grid Storage Units

For Home Office Storage Solutions Try These Small Shelves

If you need some shelving, try the minimal Metal Shelf in Blue.  It is made from iron and can be screwed directly to the wall without any assembly.  You can hang in a group for a tiered effect or arrange in a shape to suit your needs.  The measurements are 40cm wide, 17cm in height and 17cm in depth – £20 from Urban Outfitters (UK).

home office storage solutions blue metal shelf

Blue Metal Shelf

An alternative to a traditional shelf is this metal Wall Bin Shelf rack which can be used to store papers or magazines.  You need to secure it to the wall with the option of arranging a few together.  The colours available are pretty pink, mouth-watering mint or white – £20 from Urban Outfitters (UK).

home office storage solutions pink metal rack

Pink Wall Bin Shelf

For Home Office Storage Solutions Try These Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are also ideal to keep your clutter at bay but close to hand.  I found this beautiful assortment of Vintage Style Colourful Crates made from metal.  They are sold as sets of four with different sized crates that can nest inside each other for easy storage when not in use.  The colours are grey, teal green, mint and yellow – £39 by Posh Totty Designs Interiors at notonthehighstreet.com.

home office storage solutions colourful metal wire baskets

Vintage Style Colourful Crates

There’s no excuse now not to get organised with these cute and compact storage solutions for your home office.  Make it a creative space so you enjoy working rather than finding it a chore.

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