Homegirl London finds a new collection of bright kitchen enamelware. Homeware brand Mini Moderns and gifts manufacturer Wild & Wolf have teamed up to bring you colourful kitchenware. If you’re a fan of retro style kitchen accessories then you’ll just love this mid-century modern Scandinavian inspired range called Kitchenalia. In a burst of cool colours combined with a pretty paisley pattern, you’ll want to buy the complete set to cheer up your kitchen. It’s also great if you want to treat a friend to a practical gift for the home because each item comes in its own presentation box. If you’re a fan of kitchen enamelware, feast your eyes on this cute collection.

kitchen enamelware collection

Kitchenalia Collection

Kitchen Enamelware Collection

I’ll start with the kettle which is an old style boil on the cooker variety. You can use it on either a gas or electric hob and take it away when you’re off glamping or camping. The mustard colour is marvellous and really shows off the paisley crescent pattern which has been borrowed from one of the wallpaper designs by Mini Moderns and fused with scenes of British domesticity. This apt design runs throughout the collection and is set against a pop of bold colour. The beechwood and metal handle finish this piece off nicely. The capacity is 1.5 litres which makes enough tea for a family or group of friends, happy days – £39.95.

kitchen enamelware, hob kettle

Hob Kettle

Slow cooking fans will appreciate the casserole dish which has a lid. This is just ideal for popping in the oven on a cold afternoon and letting the ingredients cook while you do something interesting with your time. It comes in this dreamy Chalkhill Blue which will just look stunning placed in the centre of the table when it’s ready to serve – £44.95.

kitchen enamelware, casserole dish

Casserole Dish

Brighten up your kitchen with the Tangerine Dream saucepan. The beechwood handle is a nice addition and is cool to pick up from the stove. The capacity is 800ml and you can use it as an everyday pan for cooking – warming up soups, heating baked beans, boiling an egg and more – £23.95.

kitchen enamelware, saucepan


I just love the butter dish. It’s so nice to have butter which is soft enough to spread on your toast in the morning rather than having to make it supple with the knife. It comes in the mustard colour which will match the kettle. With the beechwood sealed close lid, your butter will be kept spreadable so it’s instantly edible, nice one – £19.95.

kitchen enamelware, butter dish

Butter Dish

The large measuring jug is very handy and ideal for cooking enthusiasts. It has detailed measuring lines inside with 800ml capacity. The green colour is called British Lichen which is a subtle sage green. This would look rather cool just positioned casually on a wooden dresser in the kitchen or on a display shelf. You can also use it as a pouring jug for refreshments if you wanted which is great for parties because it won’t break – £17.95.

kitchen enamelware large measuring jug

Large Measuring Jug

Treat yourself to the smaller jug as well while you’re at it. This is just too cute to ignore. Ideal for pouring milk on your cereal or into your tea and for cooking purposes. You can use this for hot and cold liquids. The capacity is 400ml so it is half the size of the bigger jug. The Chalkhill Blue colour is just so beautiful – £14.95.

kitchen enamelware, small measuring jug

Small Measuring Jug

The collection also includes storage jars with air tight sealed beechwood lids. These come in the Chalkhill Blue colour which is a large size, British Lichen in medium and Tangerine Dream in small. Use to store any food stuff which needs an air tight seal or your hot beverage necessities like tea, coffee and sugar – £27.95, £23.95 and £19.95.

kitchen enamelware, storage jars with lids

Storage Jars

You can also buy a chopping board featuring the same Paisley Crescent design – £27.95.

Kitchen Enamelware Designers

This adorable collection has been designed by Mini Moderns, a London based design duo comprising of Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire. They are known for their mid-century modern inspired patterns and cool colourways. These patterns are applied to wallpapers, fabrics, rugs, cushions and ceramics.

By Kitchen Enamelware

If you love this range, you can buy it from www.minimoderns.com. All of these items come in lovely gift boxes so are ready to hand over to a lucky loved one or a friend. The packaging is colourful with a peg board design based on the Peggy wallpaper by Mini Moderns.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Wild & Wolf and Mini Moderns. Thanks: Sophie Cottier.