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Comptoir Gourmand Bakery Maltby Street London

If you love cakes, croissants and baguettes, you’ll enjoy visiting the Comptoir Gourmand Bakery at Ropewalk, Maltby Street, London. The Maltby Street Market takes place at the weekends serving gourmet food to the hungry punters. During the week, this little pedestrianised street behind the railway arches is a secret oasis where locals go for a relaxed lunch without the crowds. The delicious baked goods are made on the premises, so everything tastes super fresh. If you’re looking for the best cafes in SE1 or lunch places to eat near Druid Street, you’ll enjoy the Comptoir Gourmand Bakery at Maltby Street.

comptoir gourmand bakery maltby street cakes

Comptoir Gourmand Bakery Menu

If you’re visiting the bakery in the morning, you’ll want to try one of their croissants or a danish with coffee to perk you up. The choice includes butter croissant, almond croissant, pain au chocolat, chocolate twist, pain aux raisin, apricot danish, pear and almond danish, cinnamon roll and mixed berry brioche. They also make a cookie croissant (chocolate cookie baked inside croissant dough), pistachio brionut (brioche doughnut) and choquette (French pastry sugar puff).

comptoir gourmand bakery maltby street brownie and coffee

Brownie and Coffee

Indulgent sweet treats include chocolate brownies, which I think are fantastic. Since living in the area, I’ve also tried the chocolate éclair, vanilla cheesecake topped with fresh berries and Paris-Brest, a choux pastry filled with creamy praline crème. I can vouch for them all!

comptoir gourmand bakery maltby street mozzarella and pesto baguette

Mozzarella and Pesto Baguette

The filled baguettes are lovely because they make the bread on-site. At the moment, the baguette choice includes veggie options like houmous with black olive and roasted vegetables, egg with avocado and chilli and mozzarella with pesto. Meaty versions are saucisson with cornichon, pastrami with cheese or ham and cheese.

comptoir gourmand bakery maltby street vegetarian croque monsieur

Vegetarian Coque Monsieur

We shared a vegetarian croque monsieur and mini pizza with broccoli and mushroom, which was very good; they also had a cheese and tomato version.

comptoir gourmand bakery maltby street broccoli and mushroom pizza

Broccoli and Mushroom Pizza

I also spotted some savoury filled croissants and quiches. There’s plenty of options for lunch so you won’t be disappointed! Don’t forget to pick up a loaf of bread to take home.

Comptoir Gourmand Bakery Maltby Street London Information

comptoir gourmand bakery maltby street interiors

Bakery Interiors

The bakery is set inside a railway arch with a corrugated iron roof. The interiors are cosy with a rustic vibe. You’ll find seating inside plus benches on Ropewalk. To find out more, visit the Comptoir Gourmand Website. The Comptoir Maltby address is Ropewalk, Maltby Street, London SE1 3PB, with the nearest stations being London Bridge or Bermondsey. The current opening times listed are Monday to Friday from 9 am until 3 pm, and 9 am until 4 pm at the weekend. A cute food market at Ropewalk is open Saturday and Sunday, which is worth a visit; please read my Maltby Street Market review.

comptoir gourmand bakery maltby street exterior

Bakery Exterior

The Maltby Street café is where the baking occurs, and there is a small takeaway shop at 96 Bermondsey Street. You’ll also find a stall at Borough Market, which isn’t far away, and there is another branch in Soho. If you want to explore the area further, please read my posts; Ten Reasons To Visit Tower Bridge Road, Ten Things To Do In Bermondsey and Wonderful Historical Bermondsey London Walk. I hope you enjoy your visit and find something delicious to eat!

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