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Ten Things To Do In Bermondsey Southwark

London Guide: Ten Things To Do In Bermondsey. Homeboy and I moved just around the corner from Bermondsey Street six months ago. Now that we’ve finished renovating our apartment, we are very happy to be out exploring this amazing area. If you’re looking for things to do in London or places to visit in South East London read on to discover Ten Things To Do In BermondseySouthwark.

ten things to do in bermondsey, tanner street park

Tanner Street Park

Ten Things To Do In Bermondsey List

10 Things to do in Bermondsey Southwark

  1. See Glassblowing at the London Glassblowing Gallery
  2. Get Your Fashion Fix at the Fashion and Textile Museum
  3. View Contemporary Art at the White Cube
  4. Find a Treasure at the Bermondsey Antiques Market
  5. Eat Gourmet Food at Maltby Street Market
  6. Enjoy a Tipple at the Bermondsey Beer Mile
  7. Buy Something Amazing at Lassco (now closed)
  8. Buy Artisan Food at Spa Terminus Food Market
  9. Meditate at the Tibetan Buddhist Centre
  10. Relax at one of the Pocket Parks

Ten Things To Do In Bermondsey Details

London Glassblowing Gallery, Bermondsey Street: Pop into this glorious gallery and you can watch skilled glassblowers at work. The glassware on the show is absolutely stunning and comes with a high price tag so make sure you don’t knock anything over! Read my London Glassblowing Gallery Review. London Glassblowing Website

ten things to do in bermondsey, london glass blowing

London Glassblowing Gallery

Fashion and Textile Museum, Bermondsey Street: You can’t miss the bright orange and pink building which houses exhibitions, workshops, a café and more. Fashion and Textile Museum Website

ten things to do in bermondsey, fashion and textile museum

Fashion and Textile Museum

White Cube, Bermondsey Street: See exciting curated exhibitions which are free in this substantial modern building. White Cube Website

ten things to do in bermondsey, white cube gallery

White Cube

Bermondsey Antiques Market, Bermondsey Square: At the end of Bermondsey Street you will find Bermondsey Square which was the site of Bermondsey Abbey. This is where the antique market is hosted. You can find an assortment of silverware, glassware, figurines, art, curiosities and more. The market is on Fridays from 6 am until 2 pm. Read my Bermondsey Street Antique Market Review. Bermondsey Square Website

ten things to do in bermondsey, bermondsey antiques market

Bermondsey Antiques Market

Maltby Street Market, Ropewalk: For gourmet food and drink pop along to this buzzy artisan food market. You can try falafel wraps, toasted cheese sandwiches, arepas, posh scotch eggs, freshly made juices and more. Open Saturday from 10 until 5 pm and Sunday from 11 am until 4 pm. Read my Maltby Street Market Review. Maltby Street Market Website

ten things to do in bermondsey, maltby street market

Maltby Street Market

Bermondsey Beer Mile, Druid Street and Enid Street: Very near Maltby Street Market you’ll find microbreweries situated in the railway arches. Many are open at the weekend, so you can pop in and sample the craft beer or cider.

ten things to do in bermondsey beer mile druid street

Bermondsey Beer Mile

Lassco, Ropewalk: Now closed. While you’re at Maltby Street Market pop on to this salvage shop under the railway arches. You’ll find reclaimed wood for flooring, vintage tiles, industrial lights and more. Open Monday to Saturday 9 am until 5 pm and Sunday from 11 am until 5 pm.

ten things to do in bermondsey, lassco rope walk

Lassco Ropewalk

Spa Terminus Food Market: Just along the road from Maltby Street Market you will find a few artisan food makers selling cheese, fresh fruit, veg and other delicious food. On Saturday mornings these businesses sell to customers and it gets very packed with queues out the door. You will find a list of suppliers on the website and if you click each name you can locate the address. Read my Spa Terminus Review. Spa Terminus Website

ten things to do in bermondsey spa terminus

Spa Terminus Food Suppliers

Tibetan Buddhist Centre, Spa Road: If you’re in need of some tranquillity in your life, pop along to the Kagyu Samye Dzong building. You can take a course or workshop on meditation, enjoy the reading room or sip chai tea and eat cake in the café. Open Wednesday until Sunday.

ten things to do in bermondsey, tibetan buddhist meditation

Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Centre

Pocket Parks: You can sit down and relax in a cute little pocket park. Bermondsey Spa Gardens is opposite the Buddhist Centre. Tanner Street Park is located on Bermondsey Street where you can watch people playing tennis. There’s a little park behind St Mary Magdalen Churchyard on Bermondsey Street / Tower Bridge Road. Leathermarket Gardens has splendid flower beds with roses.

ten things to do in bermondsey, bermondsey spa gardens

Bermondsey Spa Gardens

Ten Things To Do In Bermondsey Information

Before we moved to the area, I wrote an article about Bermondsey Street. I think this is the best street in London which is why we moved as close to it as possible. There are so many interesting places to visit along the road. You’ll also find plenty of restaurants, bars and cafes here. For historical information about the area read the Bermondsey Wikipedia page. Check out my Love Bermondsey London Pinterest Board for pictures of the area.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. The featured image for this article is the Mandela Way T-34 Tank which has been nicknamed Stompie. Apparently, it was placed on a plot of land when the council turned down a building application!