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Cool Comfy Cosy Cocooning Interior Product Trend

Trends Edit: Cocooning Interior Product Trend. I visited all the major interior shows during London Design Festival 2018. The trend which jumped out at me was Cocooning. From wing-backed chairs which envelope you to teepee hideouts and rounded office meeting pods. It’s all about being comfy and cosy, getting some privacy and reducing noise which can help improve wellbeing and mindfulness. Read on to see the products I spotted at 100% Design to support the Cocooning Interior Product Trend.

Cocooning Interior Product Trend Edit

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Cocooning Interior Product Trend Edit

Ara Sofa: High back panel designed to give you a cosy space, and privacy and to cut down on noise in a busy office, designed by Perez Ochando from Missana.

Hardy Wingback Sofa: High enveloping back and sides create an envelope effect for a relaxing place to sit from Dare Studio.

Hardy Wingback Chair: Handmade beech frame armchair with a charming curved back for a safe and secure feeling from Dare Studio.

Badminton Iconic Soft Seating: Striking high back swivel reception area chair, which you can upholster in a wide range of fabrics and colours, from Actiu.

Berco: Ideal chair for thinking, relaxing and resting. It has no legs and is curved in shape, you can rock back and forth in the office or at home from Se7e Life Design.

Nook Mobile Meeting Room: For workspace and wellbeing, reduce the stress of noise and get some privacy with this lovely nook pod from Nook.

Nester Daybed: I love this large natural colour hanging daybed which can hold 3-5 adults as they chill out in the garden, from Tiipii.

Escape Pod: Host a private meeting or hide away from your colleagues in this cool circular modular pod, which can be customised with a table, USB points, LED lighting, colours, fabrics and branding from The Meeting Pod Co.

Seed Pods: Calm sensory and egg-shaped sanctuary pods can be used for meetings or a place to think with an audio system, lighting and colour options from Seed Pods.

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Author: Homegirl London. Thanks: No one assisted with this feature. Prices are correct at the time of publishing. Product codes noted where provided. Photographs: Missana, Dare Studio, Actiu, Se7e, Nook Pod, Tiipii Bed, The Meeting Pod and Seedpods.