Coronavirus Random Acts of Kindness will help you and others stay positive during these unsettling times. Whether you are a business or an individual, if you can do one small thing to help another person, please just do it. It doesn’t have to be a big grand gesture; it can be something little to show others they are not alone or that you appreciate their dedication. I’ve listed Ten Coronavirus Random Acts of Kindness, but I’m sure you can think of plenty more.

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Ten Coronavirus Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Tell key workers (nurses, doctors, police, ambulance drivers, lorry drivers, etc.) how much you appreciate their dedication
  2. Say thank you to your local shop keeper and supermarket staff for their hard work
  3. Reach out to an elderly neighbour and offer to do their food shopping
  4. Donate something from your stockpile to a food bank
  5. Give food to a homeless person
  6. Offer to help a local charity or initiative
  7. Put up a positive message on a tree or window for other people to see
  8. Call friends, family, colleagues and clients to ask how they are
  9. Offer to walk the dog of a person who feels ill
  10. Say good morning to people in the street

Coronavirus Random Acts of Kindness Inspiration

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The Mental Health website is spearheading a Coronavirus Random Acts of Kindness campaign and providing tips. Look out for #CoronavirusKindness on social media to discover how people have been kind.

If you’ve been watching Fear The Walking Dead which is a spin-off from The Walking Dead, you will be familiar with their ‘Take What You Need, Leave What You Don’t’ saying which refers to leaving boxes of water and food for people. I love this idea, and if you have been stockpiling perhaps, you may want to give a few tins of food to others. Watching a zombie boxset right now might not be wise if you are feeling apprehensive, but the ‘Take What You Need, Leave What You Don’t’ sentiment is perfect for our current predicament.

Perhaps you’ve seen the film called Pay It Forward which was released in 2000. It’s about a boy who is set a task by his teacher to change the world. Instead of returning a favour, he forwards a good deed to other people. Doing a good deed sends ripples out and sets off a chain of events which benefits others.

Well done to the likes of LVMH for making hand sanitizer in their factories within 72 hours when France needed it for hospitals, and they did this for free. Pret, Starbucks, Greggs and McDonald’s give away free hot drinks and food discounts to NHS staff. This is how businesses are helping boost the spirits at this stressful time.

As I was finishing this article, a leaflet came through my letterbox. I put on my gloves to pick it up which has become a natural thing to do now. I was pleased to see that it was from The London Bridge Community who offered shopping, cooking, dog walking, pet sitting, picking up prescriptions or having a chat. This is the type of community initiative which is lifting our spirits. How marvellous, well done.

Remember being kind doesn’t cost you anything, or perhaps a few tins of baked beans, but it can make a massive difference to someone feeling alone, anxious or unwell. Do the right thing and help a stranger, neighbour or friend feel better.

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