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CoucouManou Loop Cabinet Furniture Collection

Finds Edit: Loop Cabinet. When I was looking for a centrepiece for my refurbished loft apartment, I settled on a delicious dark blue Loop Cabinet with black sides. It was created by Nell Beale of CoucouManou, who is a talented cabinet maker and designer. Read on to discover more about this cool collection of storage furniture comprising sideboards, low cabinets and tall cabinets.

CoucouManou Loop Cabinet Collection

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Loop Cabinet Collection

First launched during London Design Fair in 2014, the Loop collection now consists of different-sized pieces from a two and three-door sideboard to single, two and four-door cabinets. The three-door sideboards are CoucouManou’s bestseller which offers a beautiful, striking centrepiece with ample storage. The cabinets all feature the same stunning intricate ‘Loop’ pattern cut onto the doors. The colour choices include emerald green, dark or light blue and gold with different combinations, often against black. The side panels and legs are either walnut or black.

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Single Door Loop Cabinet

Nell tells me about the pattern, “the idea for the Loop design initially came from some really old, frankly not very nice wallpaper in my photographer’s studio, but I could see a pattern in it that I thought could work. I played around on CAD, duplicated, flipped and rotated it until I eventually arrived at the flowing Loop design. I instinctively knew it would work with cabinet doors, the way it flows from one door to another. I love the striking, bold design and intelligent use of colour. Colour against black with the texture of timber works well, and I often use this combination in my work.”

Each cabinet is a labour of love. The cut pieces undergo several hand processes back in Beale’s workshop near Bath, including jointing, edging, sanding, painting and finishing, after which the components are assembled into the final pieces. The attention to detail hasn’t gone unnoticed because the Loop Cabinets were shortlisted for a Design Guild Mark in 2017 and recognised in WGSN Eporta Global Trend Report 2017.

CoucouManou designs are available to buy via CoucouManou Website. To give you an idea about prices, the three-door sideboard is £1725.

About The CoucouManou Loop Cabinet Designer

Nell Beale is a trained cabinet maker and designer. She started in the early nineties and worked as a self-employed furniture designer/maker for over twenty years. Nell fuses craft with technology, and she says, “I’m very interested in merging traditional cabinet making alongside the use of newer technology, with many of my pieces using CNC machinery. This enables the production to be more efficient and allows otherwise fiddly, time-consuming processes to be speeded up without error.”

Nell launched her very own furniture collection, CoucouManou, at the London Design Festival in 2012, where she showcased the Boulder Display Units. CoucouManou’s designs received a great response and were named ‘Best in Show’ by the Evening Standard and gained recognition in the national and international press, including The Guardian, Homes & Gardens, Icon, The Times, Vogue and many more. Nell Beale is an Alumnae of Crafts Council Injection Scheme (2015/16) and a Design Nation member.

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Author: Homegirl London. Thanks: Nell Beale. Prices are correct at the time of publishing, but please check online. Photographs: CoucouManou. This is Sponsored Post/Advertising. I received a discount on a cabinet in return for this article.