It’s very important to declutter your home before selling your property. If your house seems cramped because you have too much stuff, it will send out the wrong signals to a potential buyer. After making the momentous decision to put your home on the market, you’ll want to get the best price possible. If you’re about to embark on this epic journey, please read my tips on how to declutter your home before selling your property.

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Declutter Your Home Before Selling Your Property Benefits

Before you start staging your house to sell it, you’ll need to declutter first. I know it’s not easy for everyone to declutter and I have many friends who struggle with this very task. Decluttering before selling your home is essential because it will make your interiors appear more spacious to potential buyers. If you have wardrobes crammed full of clothes and kitchen cupboards stuffed with pots and pans it sends out the wrong signals. You don’t want to give the impression that the house or apartment is small and cramped.

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Decluttering before you invite estate agents to give you a property valuation will help you achieve the maximum price. When you’re ready to move out, it means ordering less packing boxes. This in turn results in a smaller removal van which will be cheaper. If you do need to put your belongings in storage, you can rent a smaller unit. When you move into your new abode, you will have less to unpack. You can see that at every stage of the house selling and moving process that decluttering has multiple benefits.

Declutter Your Home Before Selling Your Property Tips

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Here are some simple decluttering tips before you invite an estate agent over to give you that important property valuation:

• Hallway: The hallway is the first area a buyer sees so make sure you give a great first impression. Remove excess coats from the coat rack. Reduce the number of shoes left in the entrance. Clean away any clutter that’s amassed on your hallway console table
• Kitchen: Throw away items which are broken or chipped such as mugs and plates. Reduce what’s displayed on the kitchen counter top. Only leave out essentials like the toaster and kettle and a few decorative objects. Put cleaning products away in a cupboard
• Bathroom: Ditch empty shampoo bottles and tidy what you can inside a bathroom cabinet. Reduce the number of towels on your towel rail. Put dirty clothes into the laundry basket
• Living Room: Put toys in boxes. Dispose of magazines and newspapers. Thin down your books by donating to the charity shop. Give-away old fashioned ornaments and put personal knick-knacks away. Get rid of oversized, excess or broken furniture
• Bedroom: Put bedside personal items away like unsightly ear plugs. Reduce your clothes so that wardrobe doors shut and drawers close easily
• Home Office: Shred documents you no longer need. Clear your paperwork piles from your desk. Put pens and office sundries in a filing cabinet or suitable container
• Loft / Basement: Throw away anything you no longer use. Tidy up so the buyer can view this space

How To Dispose Of Items When You Declutter Your Home Before Selling Your Property

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Disposing of unwanted declutter is time consuming. It’s a good idea to tackle one room at a time whether that’s one room per day, or one room per week. Get yourself organised and buy plenty of refuse bags. Once you’ve decided what you want to throw away, you need to dispose of these items which requires some consideration:

• Street Salvage: Put small items outside your house which you think passers-by can pick up and take away without transport
• Ask Your Neighbours: You can ask your neighbours if they would like specific items you want to give away. Presumably they have a similar style and size property so it’s likely your furniture or window dressings will suit their house
• Freecycle: Give items away to people who are willing to collect it
• Charity Shop: Take clothes, books and ornaments to the charity shop
• Charity Furniture Shops: Contact local charity furniture shops who may be able to pick up dining tables, chairs and sofas. They usually require one week’s notice, a picture and the dimensions
• Clothes Banks: Drop off unwanted garments at clothes banks
• Car Boot Sale: If you have a collection of items to sell you might want to get yourself along to a local car boot sale where you can make some cash
• Selling Online: You can also sell items on eBay or through Preloved
• Hire a Skip: If you have a lot of rubbish to dispose of you may need to hire a skip
• Council Bulky Waste: Your local council will pick up bulky items and charge you a price for a set number of pieces or give you a quote for a larger collection

Good luck with your decluttering!

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Declutter Your Home Before Selling Your Property