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Researching A New Area Before You Move Home

Researching a new area before you move home is time well spent. There’s no point going to all that trouble and considerable expense if you haven’t undertaken a thorough investigation. We recently moved to an unfamiliar part of London but stalked the area before we committed. Here are some tips on researching a new area before you move home.

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Researching A New Area Before You Move Home Check List

If you have strong reasons as to why you want to move, this will make your investigation of a new area much more straightforward. Write a list of priorities you can refer to if you start wavering or dithering. What’s important to you?

• Wanting a particular type of property
• Living in the catchment area of a good school
• Being close to a hospital or doctors’ surgery
• Having a short walk to public transport
• Feeling safe and secure
• Living close to good restaurants, bars, pubs and shops
• Having recreational facilities close by
• Being near the countryside or in the heart of a city

Your set of requirements will be unique but hopefully not too different from your partner’s list! It’s a good idea if you write your criteria which you can review to create a joint list with your loved one.

Researching A New Area Before You Move Home Ideas

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You can help your search for a new home by doing some online and off-line research:

• Stay in a hotel and walk around the area during the day and at night
• Speak to locals and people who live or work in the area
• Ask friends who know the area for inside information
• Eat at local restaurants and read reviews
• Drink at the local pubs and read reviews
• Pop into the local shops to see how friendly they are
• Attend a community meeting with the local safer neighbourhood team (local police)
• Review crime statistics online
• Look at the school results online
• Look at the reviews of children’s nurseries online
• Research the local council online
• Join local community online groups such as Facebook Community Groups

At times when the UK is facing government budget cuts, you should research if hospitals, doctor surgeries and local police stations are closing down. Check the nearest shopping centre or parade of shops for closures. This will give you a good understanding of how well a local area is flourishing.

Researching A New Area Before You Move Worked For Us

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Bermondsey Street Sign

My partner and I recently moved from North London to South East London. After drawing up a wish list of what the new location should deliver, we decided to move to Bermondsey Street or as close as possible. This is why:

• We loved Bermondsey Street. It has a village feel but is centrally located
• Our preferred property stock of two-bedroom, two-bathroom converted warehouse properties was available
• London Bridge travel links are excellent, which made it easier for me to get back home to visit my mum
• The proximity to the River Thames and the stunning views are breathtaking
• Food options are abundant from Borough Market to Maltby Street Market and Flat Iron Square, which would satisfy our foodie cravings
• Living near The Shard was a big pull; after all, it takes centre stage in my logo
• Being able to walk to The Tate Modern for inspiration was a big bonus

Before we took the plunge, we stayed in a hotel for the weekend, which was very helpful. This allowed us to speak to locals and workers about the safety aspects of the vicinity. When we started viewing properties, we tagged on a meal at a different restaurant or a walk to immerse ourselves in the area. It was time-consuming but moving to a new house is expensive, so it pays to do your research! I have to say five months later, we are thrilled with our new apartment and where it’s situated (phew!).

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