design trends, heading your way

Design Trends Heading Your Way

I was at the Autumn / Winter 2016 Top Drawer exhibition yesterday to discover the forthcoming design trends as identified by Stylus. There were several design trends highlighted which I will talk you through. These include; Earth Patterns, Serenity, Crafted Neutrals, Urban Nomads, Modern Metallics and Clean Primary. This is a sneak peek at trends in the home, craft, stationery, gift and fashion accessory sectors heading your way.

design trends, crafted neutrals, sue pryke, teapot

Teapot by Sue Pryke

Natural and Calm Design Trends

Earth Patterns: Organic materials and shapes, natural colours and mottled effects are inspired by the earth and all that nature has to offer. That might be designs showing the beauty of bark from a tree through to lush green tropical palms. Rusticity prevails with the use of natural materials such as wood where you can see the patina of the grain. Woven baskets were plentiful at the Top Drawer exhibition. An example of this trend is the Atu tableware range made from Sheesham wood. The collection features plates, bowls and salad serving spoons from Nkuku (Affiliate Link).

design trends, crafted neutrals, sue pryke, teapot

Atu Sheesham Wood Tableware by Nkuku (Picture Affiliate Link)

Serenity: Serenity is all about calmness, think organic and free-flowing form. The colour palette is muted and soft with warm and natural tones. Cue off whites and the palest blue hues. This trend works well with sustainable products which combine style with substance. Here is an example of tableware from Canvas Home Store, which reflects this trend. This brand specialises in modern and sustainable home goods including dinnerware, kitchenware, decorative objects and furniture.

design trends, serenity, canvas home tableware

Tableware Collection from Canvas Home Store

Crafted Neutrals: Tranquil and subtly tactile products which bring us comfort are the basis of this trend. The design is minimal and pared back. Humble materials such as cork and bare wood are used which will often have exposed textural details. Colours are tranquil and still; white, light grey, indigo blue and perhaps slate or even black on the darker side. See this beautiful tableware by Sue Pryke from her Mr and Mrs Studio Collection as an example.

design trends, crafted neutrals, sue pryke, tableware

Tableware by Sue Pryke

Bold and Bright Design Trends

Urban Nomads: Simple and practical products combining form and functionality to help our busy lives in the city. The styling is modern and graphic yet pared-back, which is primarily informed by architecture dominating the urban landscape. You’ll see geometric and strong patterns appearing. Colours will reference concrete and tarmac with glimpses of something bold like orange to break up the starkness. Matt textures dominate. An example is this collection of porcelain mugs by Aandersson, which explores functional applications with geometric forms.

design trends, urban nomad, aanderson mugs

Porcelain Mugs by Aandersson

Modern Metallics: Luxury metallic materials shine bright in all sectors from home accessories to jewellery and adorn everything from mugs to stationery. From entire products made from bronze, brass or copper materials to touches for luxe effect, this stylish trend is perfect for premium products. For example, this Sol Lamp by Edgar Home comes in copper, antique brass, silver, gold and a selection of colours.

design trends, modern metallics, edgar lamp

Sol Lamp by Edgar

Clean Primary: Bold and bare, the Clean Primary trend is about minimal design, think stripped back, lean and clean. The colours here are primary and very Bauhaus; yellow, red and blue and you will also get bright pops of pinks, greens and more. But it’s matt and flat rather than bright and shiny. With bold colours often come bold and clever designs. An example of the Clean Primary trend is these cool robots called Cubebot by Brooklyn based design brand Areaware.  You can move the components to create different poses and then when you’re done fold the wooden robot into a cube – cool and colourful!

design trends, clean primary, areaware, cubebot

Areaware Cubebot Distributed by Stone Marketing

Design Trends at Top Drawer

As I mentioned in the introduction, these design trends were seen at Top Drawer. This is a trade fair showcasing creative new products from international and UK brands for retailers to buy. It covers a wide range of items for the home along with gifts, fashion and craft pieces. Stylus identified the trends which are outlined in this feature. This company analyses how consumer lifestyle trends impact on product design and consumer engagement across industries.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Nkuku, Canvas Home Store, Sue Pryke, Aandersson, Edgar and Areaware. Cover Image: Puik Art which represents the Urban Nomad Trend. Thanks: David Gorrod at Seen PR for being super helpful as ever. Disclosure: Nkuku is an affiliate partner link.