Lavish your lounge with decadent designer wallpaper for a grand and opulent look.  Transform your living room decor with darkly romantic patterns inspired by English heritage and times gone by.  Decadence is the second collection by Surfacephilia.  Take a close look and you’ll discover layers of worn opulence and eroded surfaces, enchanting trees, hand drawn statuesque woodland creatures, haunting moths, butterflies and gothic lace patterns.

Designer wallpaper – view the collection

Let’s take a look at the five new Surfacephilia designer wallpaper patterns from the Decadence Collection.  Beau is a darkly romantic design which features layers of texture with hand-drawn moths, dragon flies and butterflies.  This comes in two colours – Midnight Navy and Marble Grey.

Designer Wallpaper, Beau Wallpaper in Midnight Navy

Designer Wallpaper – Beau in Midnight Navy

Willow features an elegant hand-drawn willow tree in a repeat pattern.  This comes in Jade Green and Lacquer Black.

Designer Wallpaper, Willow Wallpaper in Lacquer Black

Designer Wallpaper – Willow in Lacquer Black

Walden is adorned with statuesque owls and deer which have been hand illustrated.  The colour options are Multi Woodland and Raven Black on Metallic.

Designer Wallpaper, Walden Wallpaper in Raven Black on Metallic

Designer Wallpaper – Walden in Raven Black on Metallic

Edgar features birds’ nests and feathers which are hand-drawn for an enchanting design.  This wallpaper is available in Forest Green and Twilight Teal.

Designer Wallpaper, Edgar Wallpaper in Twilight Teal

Designer Wallpaper – Edgar in Twilight Teal

Emile gives a modern twist to quintessential lace patterns.  Emile is available in three colours – Wedgewood Blue, Dusk Grey and Emerald Green on Metallic.

Designer Wallpaper, Emile Wallpaper in Emerald Green on Metallic

Designer Wallpaper – Emile in Emerald Green on Metallic

Designer wallpaper – about the maker

Helen Stevens is the owner of Surfacephilia.  She makes elaborate surface pattern designs and illustrations for designer wallpaper, cushions and also china.  Helen’s signature style is all about bold and experimental designs which are built up using layers of intricate and repeated drawings, painting and textures.  Her first collection debuted in 2011 – ‘Navajo’ which was inspired by an etherial Native American theme.

Designer wallpaper – where to buy

To buy the designer wallpaper collection visit  These wallpapers are made to order so may take up to three weeks for delivery but definitely worth the wait!  The wallpapers are digitally printed to a very high standard in the UK.  Each roll measures 52cm by 10 metres.  The price per roll is £125.  Samples are available to order via the online shop (17cm x 20cm).

Author: Homegirl London.  Photographs: Surfacephilia.  Thanks: Helen Stevens.