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Eataly Bishopsgate London Celebrates Italian Cuisine

I was super happy to discover that the Eataly Bishopsgate London had opened up. Homeboy and I dine at the Eataly in Chicago when we visit family each year (although sadly not recently due to Covid). We couldn’t wait to check out the Eataly Bishopsgate branch. However, when we went on Sunday, queues were snaking around the corner. We decided to return on bank holiday Monday as soon as the store opened and, on that occasion, we managed to get inside. Eataly Bishopsgate includes various bars, restaurants, a cookery school and over 5000 Italian products to buy. It’s a celebration of craft, taste and the traditions of Italian cuisine. You must visit pronto. Luckily, I live within walking distance, so I envisage spending a lot of time and money in Eataly!

eataly bishopsgate london queues around the corner

Eataly London Queues

Eataly Bishopsgate London Ground Floor

Due to Covid restrictions, the indoor restaurants and bars aren’t open yet, but they will be soon. However, it is still worth visiting to buy something delicious from the fresh food bars and market. Enter via Liverpool Street, and the Gran Caffé Bar is straight in front of you. Treat yourself to a coffee by Caffe illy, Dolci or Gelato. If you have a sweet tooth, you will enjoy wandering through La Via Del Dolce, where you can marvel over the Italian sweets, handcrafted pastries and artisanal cannoli filled to order. This part of the store is quite glitzy and bright, a bit like a fairground.

confectionary area eataly bishopsgate london

Sweet Treats

In the Bar Centrale area of Eataly, the emphasis is on fresh in-house made pasta, pizza and bread. We were particularly interested in the fresh pasta and sauces you can choose from the Pasta Fresca Bar. Everything looked terrific so it took us a while to make a decision and we can’t wait to go back to buy more. If you need advice on which pasta goes with which sauce, one of the experts will help you make the perfect pairing.

fresh pasta section eataly bishopsgate london

Fabulous Fresh Pasta

Head over to Pizza Alla Pala for Roman-style pizza by the slice. Purchase your pizza direct from the counter and take it outside to eat.

pizza by the slice eataly bishopsgate london

The in-house bread and focaccia made from an Italian mother yeast and baked in the wood-burning oven will entice you over to make a purchase. We bought a Sourdough Loaf, which was fabulous, one of the nicest sourdoughs I’ve eaten. For deli food, stop by Gastronomia, where you will find some delightful nibbles for your evening meal.

Eataly Bishopsgate London First Floor

Stand on the escalator, and you are transported to the first floor. Your first sight is La Frutta E La Verdura which comprises fresh fruit and veg by Natoora.

fresh veg eataly bishopsgate london

Get Your Five A Day Veggies

On your left is the I Salumi E I Fromaggi, where you can queue up to select your Italian cured meats and cheeses from the counter. On the right side to the cheese and meat counter is La Pescheria, where you can buy fresh fish; some fish looked massive. Left of the cheese and meat counter is La Macelleria, where you can buy ethically farmed and sustainably sourced meat.

cheese and cured meats counter eataly bishopsgate london

Extensive Cheese Choice and Cured Meats

Continue on and along one wall in the ‘Market’ are chiller cabinets displaying cheese, salumi, meats, fresh pasta and sauces.

eataly bishopsgate london salumi chiller cabinet

So Much Salumi and Cured Meats

In the middle are rows of dried pasta, biscuits, crackers, jars of sauces, condiments and canned goods. Choose from over a hundred types of air-dried pasta and an array of risotto rice. I found it fascinating how many different types of tomato sauces they had in cans, jars, bottles and freshly made in the chiller cabinets.

eataly bishopsgate london dried italian food

Italian Groceries Galore

It is interesting to see the variety of olive oils, with many boutique and single estate producers. With a choice of 75 olive oils, you might want to consult an expert so that you can make a decision. Likewise, with the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, the choice is a bit overwhelming.

mozzarella eataly bishopsgate london

Hand Made Mozzarella

Check out Il Caseifico, The House of Mozzarella, a glass ‘lab’ where you can see mozzarella being made by hand using milk from Devon.

eataly bishopsgate london italian wines

Italian Wines

If you love Italian wine, you will enjoy exploring Il Vino with an extensive collection of mid-prices to fine wines from Italian regions. It is the most comprehensive collection of Italian wines in the UK, so you are bound to find one to go with your evening meal.

Eataly Bishopsgate London Information

I can’t wait to dine at Eataly. The Caffé Bar on the ground floor serves Café Illy, Dolci, Gelato and Aperitivo. La Terrazza di Eataly is a restaurant and bar with alfresco dining serving seasonal dishes and cocktails. If you only want a drink, head for the Central Bar. On the first floor, you can enjoy wood-fired pizza and traditional pasta at Pasta E Pizza. Or perhaps you’d prefer to try Terra, the Italian wood-burning grill restaurant or have a glass of wine at the Terra Bar. I like the idea of sampling fresh food from the market counters at Cucina Del Mercato. I will be writing about these eateries as soon as I can get a table. Check out the cookery school classes online if you want to learn about Italian food.

eataly bishopsgate london cooking school

Learn About Italian Food at the Cookery School

To find out more, go to the Eataly Website. The address is 135 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3YD. The nearest station is Liverpool Street. Please check the website for current opening times and restaurant menus. If you want to explore the area more, read my Ten Things To Do In Shoreditch article. Enjoy your visit, and I hope you find something lovely to eat and drink!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London.