Embroidery hoop wall art is adorning all the best dressed walls this season.  These are made from hoops which are pairs of circular rings used for hand embroidery.  They look handsome hung solo or glorious as a group.  There are plenty of creative embroidery hoop wall art designs available on the market; here are a few of the more contemporary looking works of art I’ve found which are available from sellers at Etsy UK.

embroidery hoop wall art

Made by Moosh Pie

Embroidery hoop wall art – view my selection

Cabo Pickles has a cool collection of machine embroidery hoop wall art.  These feature tattoo inspired designs, along with some sentimental sayings and many more.  What’s lovely about these particular creations is that they are crafted from salvaged fabric offcuts.  The backing is made from sustainable bamboo fabric batting to achieve a plump look.  It’s framed in a bamboo hoop with the back finished in stiffened felt to avoid marking your walls.  It’s completed with a ribbon hanging hook – £15.99.

embroidery hoop wall art by carbo pickels

Made by Cabo Pickles

Sam P Gibson makes a selection of hand stitched decorative wall plaques with an illustrative quality.  You’ll find images of the human brain, a skull, lipstick kiss and more.  These are in black thread stitching on raw silk.  Sam also has some in brighter colours – £24.75-52.59.

embroidery hoop wall art by sam p gibson

Made by Sam P Gibson

Moosh Pie makes embroidery hoop art featuring cute animals like a fox, house mouse, bear and owl.  These are super cute and would look adorable in a child’s bedroom or a nursery.  They are made by Francesca Eastwell from her shed in Brighton – £12.50 upwards.

embroidery hoop wall art by moosh pie

Made by Moosh Pie

I love the work of Mary’s Granddaughter by artist Cindy Steller.  Taught by her grandmother to embroider (that will be Mary), Cindy has taken this technique to a whole new level.  Her quirky embroidered hoops are attached together to tell a story like the girl leading a horse.  Cindy often incorporates porcelain doll arms which she found at an old factory in Germany.  The embroidery is worked into homespun historical linen which is framed in a vintage hoop – £148.49 starting price.

embroidery hopp wall art by marys granddaughter

Made by Mary’s Granddaughter

Embroidery hoop wall art – make your own

If you have the time and the inclination you could always have a go at making your own embroidery hoop wall art.  I love the idea of using vintage embroidery hoops which you can pick up at car boot sales or online at Etsy from about £7 to £13.  You can then use some salvaged fabric like denim from an old pair of jeans.  Okay, that’s the easy bit, now for the stitching.  If you need some guidance take a look at the website www.sublimestitching.com.  You’ll find some useful tutorials for different stitch techniques by clicking here – Tutorials.

Embroidery hoop wall art – where to buy

If you love the embroidery hoop wall art designs I’ve featured in this article, they are all available to buy at Etsy.  Here are the links to these particular sellers.

Cabo Pickles, Sam P Gibson, Moosh Pie and Mary’s Granddaughter at Etsy UK: Etsy UK Link

Author: Homegirl London.  Photography: Cabo Pickles, Sam P Gibson, Moosh Pie and Mary’s Granddaughter.  Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partners – Etsy UK (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates I will earn a small commission).