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Fabulous Faded Blue Living Room Ideas

Homegirl London’s Room Edit: Faded Blue Living Room Ideas. Get the interior blues with faded shades. From dreamy designer velvet armchairs to ravishing rugs and hand blown glass vases, blue hues are fabulous. See my Faded Blue Living Room Ideas to get you started.

Faded Blue Living Room Ideas Edit

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Esprit New Glamour Blue Rug: Fabulous fluffy and super soft hand-tufted rug with a brilliant sheen created from two yarns for a blue tonal effect, £89-349 from The Rug Seller (product code: 330313 blue).

Eichholtz Cameron Faded Blue Recla Chair: Plush velvet armchair in a glamorous art deco design with swivel base, £1295 from Houseology (product code E16662).

Bomma Blue Soap Pendant: Soap bubbles have inspired the shape of this beautiful blue iridescent tinged pendant light which is created from freely blown glass to achieve an organic form, £250 from Heal’s (product code MG002674).

Georg Jensen Blue Cafu Glass Vase: Simple and stunning handmade glass vase with subtle curve shape in glimmering deep blue tones, £80 from Amara (product code: 3586353).

Binx Blue and White Ceramic Vase: Indigo glazed vase with inky graduation fades moving from dark blue to white made from stoneware which has been given a slight curve at the waist to emphasis the colours at each end, £50 from Habitat at Argos.

Faded Blue Recycled Glass Bar Vase: Simple glass vase with opaque blue colour which starts deep at the bottom and fades towards the top, £20 from John Lewis & Partners (product code: 77237382).

Fading World Blue Night Rug: Jacquard flat weave rug created from 100% cotton chenille in deep blues to create a tonal effect and faded pattern, £80-995 from Barker and Stonehouse (product code: FADW2836BLNI).

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