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Fabulous Flor Bakery Spa Terminus Bermondsey

Yesterday, the sun was shining, so we walked to Flor Bakery at Spa Terminus in Bermondsey for lunch. We selected a Savoury Danish and a couple of pastries and went to eat them in the nearby Spa Gardens. The Flor Bakery is a trade outlet, but they open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays, so we took full advantage of this. If you haven’t heard about Spa Terminus, it’s a part of Bermondsey where food producers like Neal’s Yard Dairy have premises in railway arches. On Saturday mornings, most of these businesses open up to the public to sell everything from cheese, fruit, veg and meat. It’s a lovely place to shop if you want exceptional ingredients and produce.

flor bakery spa terminus bakery selection

“Don’t miss out on the fabulous baked goods available to the public from Flor Bakery on Fridays and Saturdays. Everything tastes amazing!” Homegirl London

Flor Bakery Spa Terminus Menu

If you visit in the morning, you’ll probably want a Pain au Chocolate, Double Baked Almond Croissant, or Plain Croissant. One of their specialities is the Lardy Bun, a croissant dough with tea-soaked currents, pork lard and mace caramel.

flor bakery spa terminus pain au chocolate

We visited at lunchtime, so we tried the Savoury Danish of Leek with Lincolnshire Poacher and Za’atar. Oh my, it was so good; I think it’s the best savoury bite I’ve ever had. We talked about going back another time to pick up a couple for dinner.

flor bakery spa terminus what we bought

The sweet treats are fabulous. Their selection isn’t enormous, it’s concise, but everything is super tasty and worthy of a place on their menu. Choose something fruity like the pretty looking Rhubarb and Vanilla Danish, the rather delicious Rhubarb and Almond Tart, or the Apple Chausson flavoured with orange zest, cinnamon, green cardamom, turmeric and ginger.

flor bakery spa terminus brioche with cream inside

We thoroughly enjoyed the Laminated Tiramisu Brioche filled with cream. One bite in, and the cream is oozing out, it’s messy to eat but totally worth it!

flor bakery spa terminus cookies

Try the Brownie Nib Cake or a cute Brown Butter Cake if you’d prefer something small. The Malt and Chocolate Chip Cookie was tempting.

flor bakery spa terminus hot cross buns

Look out for seasonal baked goods like Hot Cross Buns or Mother’s Day Baklava.

flor bakery spa terminus freshly baked bread

At Flor Bakery, you can pick up freshly baked bread, including a 100% Rye Tin Loaf, 100% Sourdough made from stoneground organic white flour blended with ‘Old Welsh’ wheat and heritage rye or Oat Porridge Sourdough with barley flake porridge and golden linseeds. Croissants cost £3.50-5, sweet treats range from £1.50-5 and a loaf of bread is £4.50-5.50.

flor bakery spa terminus spa gardens

This is a take-away bakery but a short walk away is Bermondsey Spa Gardens, with seats and benches. I suggest you wander down to the gardens to sit down and enjoy your goodies.

Flor Bakery Spa Terminus Bermondsey Information

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To find out more, visit the Flor Bakery Website. The address is Spa Terminus, Unit 6, Spa Road, London SE16 4RP. The nearest stations are Bermondsey and London Bridge. Current opening times are Fridays and Saturdays from 9 am until 3 pm. If you want to explore other food traders in the area, visit Spa Terminus on a Saturday morning when other food producers are open to the public. Read my Saturday Morning Spa Terminus Food Market post for more information. To explore the area further, check out the pictures on my Love Bermondsey Pinterest Board.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London.