floral rugs, bring summer inside

Fabulous Floral Rugs Bring Summer Inside

Homegirl London finds a selection of floral rugs. If you want to cheer up your lounge in time for Summer, an easy way is with a fabulous flower pattern rug. The Rug Seller stocks a great selection of floral rugs at competitive prices. These include designer rugs from Bluebellgray and Designers Guild with pretty painterly patterns of roses and peonies. Or perhaps you might prefer a contemporary rug instead with bold colours and shapes. Read on to see my stunning selection.

floral rugs, by bluebellgray

Christine Rug 18100 by Bluebellgray

Pretty Painterly Floral Rugs

My first pick is this amazing Cait Rug 17900 by Bluebellgray. It features pretty peonies presented in a painterly watercolour effect. The colours are so delicious, comprising of deep purples against pinks and blues. This has been designed by Fiona Douglas, the owner of Bluebellgray who is famous for creating watercolour paintings which are then transposed onto home accessories and furnishings. This rug will certainly give any living room a colourful lift. There are two size options; 170cm x 230cm for £899 and 200cm x 280cm for £1289. You might also like the Christine Rug 18100 pictured above. This is also by Bluebellgray and again shows a floral design. The delicate blossoms are presented in soft hues of turquoise, blues, greens and purples. The rug is made from woven Axminster looms in pure new wool so it is utterly luxurious and amazingly soft. The sizes and prices are the same as the Cait design.

floral rugs, bluebellgray

Cait Rug 17900 by Bluebellgray

Another painterly floral design is the Octavia Linen Rug by Designers Guild. This brand is known for pretty and premium home furnishings and interior products. They often use floral patterns to adorn everything from cushions to curtains, upholstery and rugs. You’ll certainly admire the Octavia for the ravishing roses which are just brimming with colours including claret red, pale grey and deep jade green. The rug is made from hand-knotted bamboo silk combined with cotton which gives you a really deep pile. This is really luxurious and ideal if you want to give your living room an air of elegance. There are two sizes available; 160cm x 260cm for £1494 and 200cm x 300cm for £1994.

floral rugs, by designers guild

Octavia Linen Rug by Designers Guild

I also love the Shanghai Garden Peony Rug which is also by Designers Guild. The imagery showcases an exquisite oriental peony. With a fusion of pinks against shades of greens, this is effortlessly elegant. It has been made with 90% bamboo silk and 10% wool pile to create a lustrous rug which is super soft underfoot. There are two sizes available; 160cm x 260cm for £1494 and 200cm x 300cm for £1994.

floral rugs, designers guild

Shanghai Garden Peony Rug by Designers Guild

Bold Contemporary Floral Rugs

If you’d prefer a bolder design, then you might like the Angelique Rose Rug 46407 by Sanderson. The design features an arrangement of roses against a creamy background. This has been handmade in India using thick 100% pure wool pile which is very soft and comfortable underfoot. You can also buy matching wallpapers and fabrics from Sanderson to coordinate with the rug. There are three size options available; 140cm x 200cm £409, 170cm x 240cm £599 and 200cm x 280cm £825.

floral rugs, sanderson

Angelique Rose Rug 46407 by Sanderson

This darling Diva Peony Rug 26302 by Scion is amazing. Bursting with a fabulous floral design in bold and fashionable colours. Pink, purple, orange and green collides to create a blooming marvellous pattern. It has been made from 100% wool pile so it is very luxurious and comfortable to walk on. Scion also makes fabrics and wallpapers to match if you fancy completing the look. There are three sizes available; 140cm x 200cm for £330, 170cm x 240cm for £480 and 200cm x 280cm for £650.

floral rugs, scion

Diva Peony Rug 26302 by Scion

Treat your living room to the stunning Tara Rug 4010 05 by Esprit. This contemporary pattern is bold and bright. You get a mix of vibrant colours from russet to pink, teal and lime green. It will certainly give any dull living room a big boost. It is made from hand-tufted 100% acrylic pile which has the feel of wool which makes it soft underfoot. With this rug, you get seven size choices. The smallest measures 70cm x 140cm which is priced at £129. The largest size is 200cm x 200cm which costs £519.

floral rugs, esprit

Tara Rug 4010 05 by Esprit

Where to Buy Floral Rugs

If you have fallen in love with these pretty rugs, you can buy them all from The Rug Seller. The Rug Seller is a leading UK rug specialist stocking a wide range of luxury rugs. The collection includes modern and traditional styles, a great choice of colours and various shape options from round to square, rectangle and runners. You can buy rugs in all sizes from small to extra-large. Materials include 100% wool and natural fibres like sisal, hemp and jute. There are plenty of brand names on offer – Brink and Chapman, Calvin Klein, Ted Baker, Designers Guild and Bluebellgray. With an extensive range at great prices, this is a great website to browse if you want to brighten up your home with a beautiful rug.

Author: Homegirl London.  Photographs: The Rug Seller.  Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post/Advertising.