pretty pink floral wallpaper

Fabulously Pretty Pink Floral Wallpaper

Homegirl London finds pink floral wallpaper. I’m feeling in a happy mood today so decided to pick out some fabulously pretty wall coverings to share with you. If you love designer wallpapers and flower wallpaper designs, then you’re in for a treat. I’ve selected six examples; two are delightfully delicate, two are shabby chic and two have bold patterns. These pink floral wallpaper ideas are perfect for bedrooms, garden rooms, feature walls in living rooms or for hallways. Designs are from Elitis Kandy, Designers Guild and Pip Studio which are more expensive. But don’t worry, if you are on a budget I am also showing you some options for £10 and £15 per roll. Let’s get pasted!

pink floral wallpaper, clemmie graham and brown

Fresco Clemmie Petal Pink Wallpaper from Graham & Brown (Picture Affiliate Link)

Pretty Pink Floral Wallpaper Designs

Delicate and dreamy pattern: This Clemmie Petal Pink Wallpaper by Fresco features trailing clematis flowers. It is perfect for creating a beautiful and calm tranquil bedroom or for a garden room. This version is in petal pink and the other options are rose red, delft blue, teal or apple. Use to create a focal feature wall or decorate the entire room. The paper is applied by pasting the wall so is very easy to hang. It can be wiped down using a damp sponge to keep clean. The width is 52cm with a 10m length. The pattern repeat is 53cm, drop size 26.5cm with an offset design match. The price is £10 per roll / product code: 50-520. Available from Graham & Brown.

pink floral wallpaper, clemmie from graham and brown

Fresco Clemmie Petal Pink Wallpaper from Graham & Brown (Picture Affiliate Link)

Pretty and delicate pattern: The Elitis Kandy Are You Passionate Wallpaper is so pretty. The pattern features a delicate and delightful abstract blossom effect. You can buy this design in three colour options, this pink hue is number VP 751 05. There is also a light purple and a taupe version. This is a heavy vinyl wallpaper which comes on a paper backing with a silk effect. When the sunlight shines on the pigments, the paper becomes magically illuminated. It has a top coat of varnish which protects it from fading in the sunlight and makes it more resistant to abrasions. This means it is ideal for a garden room which is exposed to the light. The measurements are 100cm wide and 10m length with a straight matched edge. The price is £194.20 per roll / product code: EL0331. Available from Houseology.

pink floral wallpaper, elitis kandy houseology

Elitis Kandy Are You Passionate Wallpaper from Houseology

Shabby Chic Pink Floral Wallpaper Designs

Cute country cottage pattern: Designers Guild Daisy Patch Wallpaper in petal pink. A fabulous display of daisies covers the paper, making it ideal for country cottages and bedrooms. You can also buy this pattern in lemongrass which has a bright yellow background overlaid with pink flowers. The paper width is 52cm and length is 10m. The price per roll is £40 / product code: 69303513 and colour code is P567/08. Available from John Lewis & Partners.

pink floral wallpaper, designers guild daisy patch

Designers Guild Daisy Patch Wallpaper from John Lewis & Partners (Picture Affiliate Link)

Shabby chic pattern: For a touch of romance choose the Pip Studio Shabby Chic Wallpaper. This is available in pink (shown here), yellow, pale blue, green or khaki. A beautiful paper for adorning the walls in your boudoir. With bright roses and interesting background detailing, the design is full of charm. The paper is in a matt finish and is easy to keep clean by wiping with a damp cloth. The measurements are 53cm wide and 10m long with a straight matched edge. The price is £61.50 per roll / product code: PI0043. Available from Houseology.

pink floral wallpaper pip studio

Pip Studio Shabby Chic Wallpaper from Houseology

Bold Pink Floral Wallpaper Designs

Bold and beautiful pattern: I just love this bold Fresco Stria Floral Pink Wallpaper. The pattern is fabulous in these delicious pale pink tones. It is also available in duck egg blue and a cream option. This wallpaper would suit a bedroom or feature wall in a living room. It can be hung by pasting the wall. It is washable with a damp sponge. The measurement is 52cm wide and 10m long. The pattern repeat is 53cm with a straight design match. The price is £10 per roll / product code: 50-848. You can buy this product from Graham & Brown.

pink floral wallpaper, graham and brown

Fresco Stria Floral Pink Wallpaper from Graham & Brown (Picture Affiliate Link)

Bold and contemporary pattern: Designed exclusively for Habitat, the Etch Floral Wallpaper is spectacular. I just love it, love it, love it. The colour is amazing hibiscus pink which is just fabulous. The large scale print features a block colour with a contemporary interpretation of the hibiscus flower. The measurements are 52cm wide and 10.05m in length. It is a straight match with a 17.66 drop repeat. The price is £15. Available from Habitat at Argos.

pink floral wallpaper, habitat

Habitat Etch Floral Wallpaper from Habitat at Argos (Picture Affiliate Link)

Where to Buy Pink Floral Wallpaper

You can buy these wallpapers from the following websites.

Houseology Link: Ceased Trading
Graham & Brown Affiliate Link: Graham & Brown
John Lewis & Partners Affiliate Link: John Lewis & Partners
Argos Link: Argos

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Houseology, Graham & Brown, John Lewis & Partners and Habitat/Argos. Thanks: No one assisted me with this feature. Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partner links – Graham & Brown and John Lewis & Partners (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates I will earn a small commission).