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Fantini Pelletteria Luxury Italian Leather Bags

I was so excited when I woke up this morning because I was expecting a delivery of two Fantini Pelletteria luxury Italian leather bags. When the package arrived, I eagerly opened it and felt the soft, supple leather of the rucksacks. I could instantly tell that these were top-quality leather bags that have been handmade by skilled craftspeople. The attention to detail is outstanding, from the leather to the stitching, design and even the lining. Wow, they are so gorgeous that I can’t wait to go out and show them off. If you are thinking of buying leather backpacks for women, leather backpacks for men, doctors’ bags or travel bags, let me introduce you to Fantini Pelletteria luxury Italian leather bags. 

Introducing Fantini Pelletteria Luxury Italian Leather Bags

I’ll tell you about the Leather Backpacks Women collection first because I am now the proud owner of two of these bags. There are four fabulous backpack styles for women. The versatile Venezia is a stylish compact backpack featuring a curved front flap and zip pouch in the most beautiful hand-buffed leather. The Milano backpack uses full-grain washed leather with decorative leather zip pulls if you want a more relaxed appearance. It would make an excellent aeroplane carry-on bag or a cool, casual girl about the city rucksack.

fantini pelletteria luxury italian leather bags leather backpacks women

I picked out the Torino women’s backpack, which is roomy enough for my laptop and a few clothes if I head out of London for a few days. I’m going to use the adorable Napoli compact rucksack as my blogging bag, which is perfect for carrying my camera when I’m out exploring. I love the twin pockets with buckles which are useful for my lip gloss and other essentials. I choose black leather for both bags, but brown, honey and red are also available. The red is rather lovely, and I’d be interested in buying one of the handbags in this colour.

fantini pelletteria luxury italian leather bags leather backpacks men

The Fantini Pelletteria Leather Backpacks Men range consists of three styles which suit a multitude of causal, travel and work occasions. The Milano, which I’ve already mentioned for women, is available in a larger size for men. Fabio has a sporty design in hammered leather; the navy colour is my favourite. Tuscany has a roomy front zip pocket which is excellent for storing your tablet. The hand-buffed vegetable-tanned full-grain leather is luxurious to touch. Men’s leather backpack colours include navy, brown, black and natural.

fantini pelletteria luxury italian leather bags doctors bag

Doctor Bags are spacious if you want to carry work documents or other items. The style is reminiscent of a traditional doctor’s bag, so it has a vintage appearance, but you don’t have to be a physician to use one! Uffizi is a leather doctor bag with a sturdy carry handle, shoulder strap and front interlocking safety buckle. This is an exceptional and exquisite artisan-made bag for professionals with hand-stitched seams, a zipped back pocket and an internal lining. The hand-buffed vegetable-tanned full-grain leather is available in black, brown or honey.

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The Leather Travel Bags are worth the investment if you want a bag that will accompany you wherever you go in the world. Both Italia and Olympia travel bags are handmade using real Tuscan leather in bold colours with carrying handles and shoulder straps. The Diligenza has wheels which make transportation a breeze. There are seven travel bags to choose from, which are superb for weekends away, vacations or business trips. You’ll look the part whether you’re travelling business or first class.

Discover Fantini Pelletteria Luxury Italian Leather Bags

Fantini Pelletteria luxury Italian leather bags are a must-have investment for discerning individuals who appreciate artisan leather goods. The family business started in the historic centre of the Republic of San Marino in 1981 and has been producing beautiful handmade leather goods ever since. The entire collection is made from quality leather by artisans using handcrafting techniques.

The leather bags are in timeless, classic styles that harmonise with current fashion trends. People of all ages will appreciate Fantini Pelletteria leather bags which they can use for every occasion. I thought the prices are reasonable considering the attention to detail, the quality of the leather, flawless finishes and stylish designs. Products come with a two-year warranty to give you peace of mind. Whether you are buying a leather bag for yourself or gifting it to a loved one, make sure you buy a Fantini Pelletteria bag.

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