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Fern Pattern Interior Design Trend

If you fancy bringing a touch of urban botanicals into your home, go for a fabulous fern pattern. These fascinating green plants are adorning everything from wall art prints to hessian cushions, ceramic pendant lights, bedding sets and candle holders. If you’re a fan of the fabulous fern leaf, there are plenty of lush home accessories to admire. I’ve picked out my favourite botanical fern prints to tempt you. Also, see the cute idea to update a vintage cabinet by lining it with fern wallpaper. Read on to find out more about the fern pattern interior design trend.

fern pattern hessian cushions

Hessian Cushions from Rustic Country Crafts at notonthehighstreet.com (Picture Affiliate Link)

Fern Pattern Home Accessories

I’ll start with this Concrete Potted Faux Fern. We’ve seen plenty of faux cacti and aloe vera recently, now ferns are popular. This artificial plant is ideal for placing on a side table for a dash of greenery. You’ll notice the abundance of textured fern leaves which look very much like a real plant. The rustic concrete pot is light and filled with artificial moss. This plant is perfect for bringing a fresh, botanical feel to your home without having to maintain or replace. It is made from plastic and wire which you can wipe clean. The measurements are 44cm high and 12cm in diameter – £30 from Cox and Cox. Product code: H-CONFERN.

fern pattern faux plant

Concrete Potted Faux Plant from Cox and Cox (Picture Affiliate Link)

The next best thing to a fern plant is a faux fern plant, and after that, it’s a picture. The Urban Botanicals Fern Print is adorable. The subject matter is painted with watercolours and printed onto fine art photo paper 250g. The prints are a limited edition of five hundred, each is signed by the artist and numbered by hand. The print is unframed, but you can buy the hanging poster surround or pop it into an Ikea frame if you wanted. The measurements are 70cm high and 50cm in width – £55 from Rose and Grey. Product code: not listed.

fern pattern botanical print

Urban Botanicals Print from Rose and Grey

I also liked the contemporary Botanical Fern Study Art Prints. There are three different variations available. This one shows a fern in dark purple with a white shadow over a light grey background. It’s a lovely tranquil image to display in your home office, conservatory or sunroom. The picture is digitally printed onto 100% cotton rag 310gsm card, which is long-lasting. It is unframed and available in A4 size – £16.50 from Gooseberry Moon at notonthehighstreet.com. Product codes: 396327, 403577 and 403572.

fern pattern print

Botanical Art Print from Gooseberry Moon at notonthehighstreet.com (Picture Affiliate Link)

An easy way to introduce this print into your home is with a Fern Hessian Cushion. Idyllic woodland walks have inspired this design along the shores of Lough Neagh. The fern silhouette has been hand-printed onto different colour premium quality hessian. Options include charcoal black, chestnut brown, plum, green or burnt orange. Inside you’ll find it filled with a luxury feather insert for plumpness. There are two sizes available. The 43cm x 33cm size has the print facing right. The 35cm x 35cm has the print facing on the left – £32 from Rustic Country Crafts at notonthehighstreet.com. Product code: 203748.

fern pattern hessian cushion

Hessian Cushion from Rustic Country Crafts at notonthehighstreet.com (Picture Affiliate Link)

Charming Campbell Fern Ceramic Pendant Light with fern print. Handmade in Stoke-on-Trent, this pendant has a vintage feel from the pretty pattern to the shape and materials used. Each shade is made to order at a small Pottery Works located in Tunstall. The materials used are earthenware and fine bone china coated in a shiny glaze, so it’s effortless to clean. You need a screw cap bulb to fit. You can hang them solo or group together. It comes with a 1.5 metre coated flex covered in a twisted fabric. Rose ceiling options are black or white. There are two sizes available. Medium is 22.5cm and large 30cm diameter – £125 from Lyngard Ceramics at notonthehighstreet.com. Product code: 360882.

fern pattern ceramic pendant light shade

Ceramic Pendant Light from Lyngard Ceramics at notonthehighstreet.com (Picture Affiliate Link)

Treat your boudoir to this Ferns Graphite Bedding Set made from a woven jacquard design. The dark grey bedding is 100% cotton, 50% of which is Egyptian. It has a 260 thread count and comes in a lovely Cotton Sateen finish. On the front, you have the trailing ferns, and on the reverse, you’ll find a darker contrasting colour. The set includes two pillowcases with the double, king size and super king and one pillowcase with the single. Measurements for the duvet covers are slightly bigger than usual to give you the ease of fit – £92 by Secret Linen Store at notonthehighstreet.com. Product code: 369418.

fern pattern bedding set

Bedding Set from Secret Linen Store at notonthehighstreet.com (Picture Affiliate Link)

My final home accessories pick these beautiful Botanical Candle Holders. They are candle glasses wrapped in opaque paper. A delicate green botanical fern silhouette is printed onto the paper. When the candle is lit, you get a lovely effect from the pattern. Pop them on the mantelpiece or place them in your bedroom to create a relaxing mood. The measurements are 10cm high and 9cm in diameter – £20 From Ella James at notonthehighstreet.com. Product code: 449976.

fern pattern candle holders

Candle Holders from Ella James at notonthehighstreet.com (Picture Affiliate Link)

Fern Pattern Lined Cabinet

This Glass Fronted Wall Cabinet features a beautiful fern wallpaper on the back. It is a lovely idea to steal if you have a vintage cabinet you want to update. The two glass doors on the front allow you to see this beautiful wallpaper. You get three shelves inside plus the bottom surface. The cabinet is painted black but has been distressed to appear like an authentic vintage piece. It’s suitable as a display cabinet for your curiosity collection. It would also work well in the bathroom, presenting all your lotions and potions. The measurements are 212cm high, 81cm wide and 20.5cm in depth – £315 from Graham & Green. Product code: HJA0664.

fern pattern backed black glass cabinet

Glass Fronted Wall Cabinet from Graham & Green (Picture Affiliate Link)

If you want to try this idea yourself, then you’ll need some fern wallpaper. I did notice that John Lewis had a few designs. One is this GP & J Baker Shadow Fern Wallpaper. It comes in five colour options, this is strong yellow, and they also have an ivory/oyster, aqua/ivory, linen/ivory and lacquer red. It’s an adaptation of an archive pattern. It shows a shadow fern in delicate silhouettes. The measurements are 10m long and 52cm wide with a 48cm straight match – £59 from John Lewis & Partners. Product code: BW45037/5.

fern pattern wallpaper

Strong Yellow Wallpaper from John Lewis & Partners (Picture Affiliate Link)

Buy Fern Pattern Interior Products

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Graham & Green Affiliate Link: Graham & Green
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