Homegirl London finds a rather cool selection of hand printed 100% cotton Tote Bags.  These have been designed by illustrator Emily Boyd.  Emily has been inspired by British culture, the royal family, tea drinking, rock ‘n roll and tattoos which have been applied to these carriers.  The bags I have selected feature; ‘Insane on the Membrane’ which was inspired by a Cypress Hill song, ‘Under the Influence’ which shows British rock ‘n roll stars enjoying a lovely cup of tea, ‘Tattoo Lady’ with a rockabilly granny holding on to her bus pass, ‘David Bowie’ starring Ziggy Stardust drinking tea, ‘Amour Moustache’ declaring love for facial hair and ‘Alternative Phrenology Head’ thinking about sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll.  The price is £10 each which makes them a perfect gift for a friend and you can buy from www.emilythepemily.co.uk.  Emily’s company called Emily The Pemily makes a range of tea towels, phone covers, T-shirts and sweaters.  Credits: text by Homegirl London, images courtesy of Emily The Pemily, special thanks to Emily Boyd

 Tote Bags


Tote Bags, £10 each