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Five Hair Colour Regrowth Retouch Products

Hair Colour Regrowth Retouch Products: If you need a quick solution to hair colour regrowth, try a powder retouch or root concealer spray. These products provide you with a temporary fix in between hair salon appointments. Spray or brush in the hair colour regrowth retouch products, and they will last until you shampoo them out.

Homegirl London Recommends Five Hair Colour Regrowth Retouch Products

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Five Hair Colour Regrowth Retouch Products

Color Wow Root Cover Up: A powder form root cover-up available in a selection of shades ranging from blonde to black. Apply by pulling hair flat and pressing down hard in a stipple motion with the brush. It is easy to apply without the mess and should last in-between washes. I’ve used this, and it provides a natural-looking root cover-up which is non-sticky. The price is £28.50 from Marks and Spencer UK.

L’Oreal Magic Retouch Precision Brush: Handy wand to help you conceal grey hairs. The product is easy to apply and lasts until you shampoo it out. It is ideal when you have a few greys to cover up, and you can pop it in your bag if you have an overnight stay. If you have a larger surface to cover up, I would recommend the L’Oreal Spray instead. The price is £8.19 from Amazon UK (product code: B07JNVSLTP).

L’Oreal Magic Retouch: A temporary spray root concealer which you can use in-between salon visits. I have used this product and would recommend it when you have a large regrowth area to cover up with a lot of grey hair showing. I would spray it on the outside if you are using a dark colour to avoid getting it on your walls or the bathroom floor. Spray the product 10-15 cm from your hair and allow it to dry for one minute. I used a damp cotton bud to remove excess colour from the scalp of my centre parting for a more natural appearance. It can feel slightly hard if you apply too much, but if you brush this out gently, it will feel more natural. The product costs £8.26 from L’Oreal Paris at Amazon UK (product code: B019W17T0Q).

L’oreal Professional Hair Touch Up: A spray-on hair colour regrowth spray. The formula w dry instantly on application. It will last up until you shampoo your hair. The product will cover greys and is available in a selection of colour options. I’ve tried this product, and it is excellent. You can blend it through longer hair with your fingers for a natural result. The can is £7.45 from HQhair UK.

Redken Root Fusion: A natural-looking non-greasy root cover-up product. The lightweight formula contains colour-concealing pigments that attach to your hair, providing an instant cover-up. It is quick and effective and works well when you have a lot of regrowth. The price is £9.30 from lookfantastic UK.

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