Homegirl London’s Restaurant Review: Franzina Trattoria. Homeboy and I popped along to Pop Brixton one lunch time in search of food. We decided to try the homemade Sicilian cuisine dishes at Franzina Trattoria. If you’re looking for Italian restaurants in Brixton or best places to eat at Pop Brixton, then you must give this place a try. It’s super cute and very cosy!

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Savour the delights of traditional Sicilian dishes created using locally sourced ingredients at this delightful eatery located in a shipping container at Pop Brixton,” Homegirl London

Franzina Trattoria Menu

This Sicilian style café is run by Pietro and Stefania who are both from Palermo in Sicily. The menu here is small and concise but there is plenty to please your taste buds. The focus is on small plates of traditional dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. We selected the vegetarian options. First was with the Cazzilli e Panelle. I discovered that Cazzilli are pan fried potato croquettes and that Panelle are savoury chickpea fritters typically found on the streets of Palermo. The inside of the bowl was layered with the chickpea fritters cut into triangles, then the potato croquettes and a piece of lemon to squeeze over the top. This came with a little bowl of smoked tomato sauce which we used to smear over the fritters and croquettes. We’d never tried this dish before and it was very good.

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Cazzilli e Panelle

We also tried the Arancina risotto ball with mushrooms and Tuma cheese (a stage in the production of Pecorino cheese which is before adding salt and maturation). This is coated with bread crumbs and then deep fried. Traditionally they are filled with meat and tomato ragu sauce, mozzarella and peas. Here you can order a beef ragu version. We cut our Arancina open and the ingredients oozed out as did the steam. We tucked in and it was very satisfying in deed!

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Other small plate options included a sharing plate of Sfincione which is homemade Sicilian focaccia with Caciovallo cheese (stretched curd cheese), anchovies, onion and tomato sauce.  Polpetta Di Melanzana is flash fried aubergine balls with pine nuts and raisins. Ammuttunata is stuffed baby aubergine smoked in garlic with mint tomato sauce. The menu also featured chargrilled octopus with lemon, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. Or you can opt for the big sharing plate which gives you a good selection of these.

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Porcini Mushrooms and Black Truffle Tagliatelle

Then you have the fresh handmade tagliatelle dishes which are also small plates but quite filling. We tried the Ammuttunata version and the porcini mushrooms and black truffle. Both were fantastic, the fresh pasta made a big difference. The truffle hit was powerful and decadent. Other flavours included the Confit which is slow cooked confit tomato sauce, ricotta salata and mint. Or for something simple try the Evo which is olive oil, Pecorino and pepper. Meat eaters can tuck into the Beef Ragu option. Porcini mushroom risotto was also available for those who don’t fancy pasta.

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Sicilian Doughnuts

Desserts included Sicilian doughnuts with sugar and cinnamon. This was accompanied with a separate bowl with ricotta cheese and chocolate drops sprinkled on top. Yummy! Alternatively, try the warm dark chocolate soufflé, tiramisu or cannolo Siciliano. Sicilian wines are available along with soft drinks. Small plates are £5.50-6 with a few priced higher. Sharing plate £10. Tagliatelle dishes are £7.50-10 and desserts are £5. We shared two starters, two tagliatelle options and one dessert which was plenty.

Franzina Trattoria Interiors

This eatery is located inside a shipping container so it’s small and cosy. There are two communal tables with twenty stool seats. The table tops are made from compressed wood chip boards. Walls are clad in black wood and tiles bearing the restaurant logo and a culinary inspired map of Sicily. They also have a few tables outside the front of the shipping container reserved for their diners.

Franzina Trattoria Information

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Restaurant Exterior

To find out more about the restaurant go to the Franzina Trattoria Website. The address is Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Road, Brixton SW9 8PQ. They are located upstairs at Pop Brixton which is a container city full of eateries, bars and businesses. Travel to Brixton train station or Brixton underground and it is a short walk. Opening times are Monday to Sunday 10am until 11pm. Check if this restaurant is still located at Pop Brixton before you make your visit. Enjoy your visit and your food!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London Thanks: Homeboy for dining with me.



Franzina Trattoria Sicilian Cuisine Brixton
  • Franzina Trattoria Sicilian Cuisine Brixton
    • Mon - Sun 10:00am - 11:00pm
  • Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Road, London, SW9 8PQ, UK