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Frida Kahlo Cushions Celebrate The Iconic Artist

Finds Edit: Frida Kahlo Cushions. Frida passed away in 1954, but this fabulous female artist lives on thanks to her iconic status. She is famous for her self-portraits and paintings which explore personal pain. Frida’s beautiful and striking face adorns many colourful home accessories. I’ve picked out my favourite Frida Kahlo Cushions to share with you.

Frida Kahlo Cushions Edit

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Finds Edit

Cactus Pom Pom Cushion: Bright and beautiful blue cushion featuring a colourful image of Frida in between cacti, £49 from Marquis & Dawe at (product code: 805553).

Black Cat Pom Pom Cushion: The artist with a cute black cat against a fresh emerald green background and pom-pom fringing, £49 from Marquis & Dawe at (product code: 805542).

Stag Horns Cushion: Frida with stag horns and cute birds on top of a blue background, £30 from Ian Snow (product code: CC899).

Umbrella: Frida under an umbrella looking pretty with flowers in her hair, £40 from Ian Snow (product code: CC909).

Queen of Hearts: Vibrantly printed cushion with Frida in traditional Mexican dress against a floral background, £18.99 with insert pad from Redbubble.

Tropical Frida: Designer Jan Constantine presents this stunning appliqued and hand-embroidered cushion featuring Frida in a tropical setting, £145 from Amara (product code: JR905B).

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