glass plant terrarium trend grows

Glass plant terrarium trend grows

Last month a friend asked me where she could buy a glass plant terrarium from.  I wasn’t sure where she could find one of these but since her question, I’ve started to notice many glass terrariums online.  These are decorative and ornamental plant containers which are often made from glass and have been in existence since the 1840s.  Aside from their attractiveness, they are very clever mini eco-systems for plants.  These are now rising in popularity, probably because outside space is at a premium.  Here are a few glass plant terrarium examples to get you started.

glass plant terrarium from urban outfitters

Urban Grow Terrariums from Urban Outfitters (UK) (Picture Affiliate Link)

My Favourite Glass Plant Terrarium Finds

Urban Outfitters actually has a good selection of decorative terrariums available.  The Urban Grow Large Star model is amazing with an intricate geometric shape.  The structure is made from a combination of stainless steel and glass.  It features a mini door in the side for access to your plants.  This can be suspended using the ring on the top of the structure or you can place it on a table or window sill.  The measurements are 37cm high, wide and deep – £70.  There is also a smaller version available which measures 17.8cm high and 20.3cm wide – £25 from Urban Outfitters (UK).

glass plant terrarium large star urban outfitters

Urban Grow Large Star from Urban Outfitters (UK) (Picture Affiliate Link)

The Urban Grow Diamond Planter comes in lavish gold tones.  This is a futuristic shape that resembles the cut of a diamond, hence the name.  It’s made from glass and a gold-coloured iron.  There is no hook for hanging so this is ideally placed on a coffee table, mantelpiece or shelf.  The measurements are 24cm high and 23cm wide – £40 from Urban Outfitters (UK).

glass plant terrarium gold diamond urban outfitters

Urban Grow Diamond from Urban Outfitters (UK) (Picture Affiliate Link)

If you’d prefer a suspended variety try the Urban Grow Hanging Planter.  This comes in silver stainless steel combined with glass.  It would look stunning dangling in front of a window and is something attractive to gaze at when you’re washing the dishes or supposed to be working in your home office.  The measurements are 28cm high, 11cm wide and 11cm in depth – £29 from Urban Outfitters (UK).

glass plant terrarium gold hanging planter urban outfitters

Urban Grow Hanging from Urban Outfitters (UK) (Picture Affiliate Link)

This handmade Geometric Glass Terrarium has a removable tray so is really easy to tend to your plants.  This has been upcycled from picture frame glass, with lead-free solder and finished with a black patina.  It would make a thoughtful present for an environmentally conscious friend.  The measurements are 15.5cm high, 12.5cm wide and 11.5cm deep – £43.39 from Lonesome Hobo Glass at Etsy UK.

glass plant terrarium geometric handmade from etsy seller

Upcycled Geometric Glass from Lonesome Hobo Glass at Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

If you are limited on space, try the Little Icosahedron which is super cute.  It’s handmade by a seller on Etsy who has a good selection of tiny terrariums.  This particular one measures 12cm high – £30.04 from Box Wood Tree at Etsy UK.

glass plant terrarium Little Icosahedron

Little Icosahedron from Box Wood Tree at Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

I really liked the idea of this Glass Benvy Herb Container.  It helps grow and store herbs indoors while keeping them tidy.  These would look superb placed on your window sill, worktop or kitchen table.  Keep them close to hand so you can use to season your cooking.  The measurements are 26cm high and 13cm in diameter – £28 from Rowen and Wren at

glass plant terrarium herb containers

Glass Benvy Herb Container from Rowen and Wren at (Picture Affiliate Link)

As you can see, these come in a variety of structures and sizes with the option of hanging or resting up a surface.  These make beautiful gifts for friends and give you something to care for if you don’t want a pet and is definitely cheaper than buying a house with a garden!

How A Glass Plant Terrarium Works

I did a little research on Terrariums and according to Wikipedia; this is how they work … The closed varieties are great for tropical plants.  The transparent walls allow for heat and light to enter the sealed container which results in a small scale water cycle.  This works because the moisture from the soil and plants evaporates due to the elevated temperatures inside the glass.  The water will vapour and condense on the walls which will then fall back to the plants and soil below.  This means that the plants receive an ongoing supply of water so they won’t dry out.  The light passes through the transparent material (usually glass) so the plants photosynthesis.  This is a process used by plants to convert light energy into chemical energy that can be released to fuel the organisms’ activities.  Okay, that’s all getting a bit geeky now, but hopefully, you get the picture.  The open terrariums are better for dry plants like succulents which don’t need all the moisture.

Where to Buy Your Glass Plant Terrarium

If you want one of these indoor plant containers for yourself or want to gift a loved one for their birthday, you can buy online from the following shops.

Urban Outfitters (UK) Affiliate Link: Urban Outfitters (UK)
Lonesome Hobo Glass and Box Wood Tree at Etsy UK Affiliate Link: Etsy UK
Rowen and Wren at Affiliate Link:

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