graceful swan home decor trend

Graceful swan home decor trend

Swan home decor is becoming a popular design to feather our nests with. These birds are known for being graceful and are often seen as a sign of love and fidelity because of their long-lasting relationships. When they kiss they actually touch beaks to form a heart shape with their necks – how adorable is that! This interiors trend features plenty of home accessories like swan adorned cushions, wall hooks, wall art, vases and planters along with swan neck wall lights. Read on for my swan home decor picks.

swan home decor, golden foil art

Golden Foil Swan Art from Palm Valley at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Swan Home Decor Delights

Love your sofa with a sprinkling of swan adorned cushions. This silhouette style cushion has been inspired by sightings of swans on Lough Shore in Northern Ireland. The design has been hand printed onto good quality hessian and is available in blue or charcoal grey. The filling is stuffed full of luxury feathers for a soft snuggle. The measurements are 43cm x 35cm – £34 by Rustic Country Crafts at

swan home decor, hessian blue and grey cushions

Rustic Hessian Swan Cushion from Rustic Country Crafts at (Picture Affiliate Link)

This applique design features an interesting patchwork of textiles layered to form a swan against a natural plain background. It’s totally charming and full of character. The cushion pad is filled with duck feathers so is really cosy to lay against. The measurements are 50cm x 50cm – £89 from Rose and Grey.

swan home decor, patchwork cushion

Patchwork Swan Cushion from Rose and Grey

Brighten up your hallway or bedroom with these Vibrant Swan Wall Hooks which are available in three colours – white, coral and aqua. They are made from ceramic and are easy to fix to the wall. You can display singularly or group them together for impact. The measurements are 13cm high and 4cm in width – £9 each from The Forest and Co at

swan home decor, wall hooks

Swan Wall Hooks from The Forest & Co at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Decorate your walls with this Set of Blue Vintage Wallpaper Wooden Swans. The laser-cut shapes are covered with original vintage paisley pattern wallpaper in a mix of blues, greens, reds and a dash of brown. Hang them in your living room or hallway for a nod to the classic ceramic flying ducks of yesteryear. You can attach these with sticky-fixers or white-tac which makes things really easy for you DIY avoiders out there. The sizes vary with the largest measuring 15cm high, 23cm wide and 0.4cm in depth – £28 by Ava & Bea at

swan home decor, wallpaper covered wooden wall decoration

Vintage Wallpaper Wooden Swans Ava & Bea at (Picture Affiliate Link)

The Golden Foil Swan Art piece is very dramatic and lavish. It can be made with gold or silver leaf which will shimmer as the light catches the surface. You also have the choice of 300g premium black or white art paper and wooden frame. This is hand made so each one will be slightly different. The measurements are 40cm x 50cm – £75 from Palm Valley at

swan home decor, gold foil art

Golden Foil Swan Art from Palm Valley at (Picture Affiliate Link)

I just love this swan vase which is a contemporary take on a retro style. With its elegant form and function as a holder for flowers, it’s both beautiful and useful. This is available in heather moor pink and also a grey colour. The measurements are 19cm high, 14cm in width and 26cm in depth – £45 from Rose and Grey.

swan home decor, vase

Swan Vase from Rose and Grey

These pretty swan planters are quite quirky for a touch of cool kitsch. Fill with bright flowers and place them in your garden to get the neighbours talking. They are made from lightweight plastic so you can move them around to soak up the sun. The sizes vary with the larger swan measuring 38cm high, 40cm wide and 18cm in depth – £49 from Lisa Angel Homeware and Gifts at

swan home decor, plastic planters

Plastic Swan Planters from Lisa Angel Homeware and Gifts at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Swan Home Decor Wall Lights

Swan neck wall lights are popular at the moment. The shape is similar to that of a swan’s neck, hence the name. This beautiful stainless steel version has a glossy spun grey painted exterior which complements the soft white interior. It can be used outside in a porch to add a touch of industrial chic. The measurements are 25cm high and 42cm in depth – £70 from Cox and Cox.

swan home decor, grey swan wall light

Grey Swan Neck Wall Light from Cox and Cox (Picture Affiliate Link)

A rawer version of this style is the St Ives Swan Neck Light. It has been made with hot-dipped galvanised steel. It can be used outside and even in coastal regions where you get harsher weather so it is very robust. The height is 32cm, width 39cm and depth is 42cm – £45 from Graham & Green.

swan home decor, galvanised wall light

Galvanised Steel Swan Neck Light from Graham & Green (Picture Affiliate Link)

Buy Swan Home Decor Products

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