Trends Edit: Hamsa Hand Symbol Home Accessories. Hands up if you’ve spotted a lot of cute and adorable Hamsa Hand Symbol Home Accessories recently. This interiors trend uses this symbol of luck, happiness and good fortune, which is often shown with the evil eye. It’s a motif commonly used in hippy jewellery designs and bohemian interiors.

Hamsa Hand Symbol Home Accessories Trend Edit

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Hamsa Hand Symbol Home Accessories Trend Edit

Hamsa Hand Print: The featured image for this article shows lovely black and white prints of a hamsa hand (and evil eye), £30 from RL Hibbs Prints at Etsy UK.

Boho Hamsa Cushion Covers: Square plush cotton cushion covers featuring a colourful hamsa hand design, £14.99 for two from Tizorax at Amazon UK (product code: B07N42YJ9H).

Hamsa Hand Throw Pillow: Black square cushion cover with embroidered gold hamsa hand, £12.52 from Bernyce Design at Etsy UK.

Hamsa Abstract Eye Cushion Covers: Cute hamsa hand with eye illustration printed onto soft cushions, £14.99 for two from Tizorax at Amazon UK (product code: B07N3XZ5W1).

Hamsa Hand Wooden Sign: Handmade rustic wood wall hanging with the printed hamsa hand pattern, £44.95 from Katie Anne at Etsy UK.

L’Object Mamounia No. 28 Candle: Three wicks scented candle with porcelain case bearing a hand and eye illustration, £250 from Liberty London.

Henna Hamsa Hand Wall Hanging: Boho wooden laser cut henna hamsa hand which can be hung on a cupboard or wall, £55 from Wild Minds Shop at Etsy UK.

Gold Hamsa Hand Trinket Dish: Cute aluminium jewellery dish in gold in the shape of a hamsa hand, £19 from Rockett St George.

Hanging Hamsa Hand Decoration: Adorable decorating with pompoms, bells and beads to cheer up a bedroom or conservatory, £7 from Ian Snow (product code TB158).

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Hamsa Hand Symbol Home Accessories Trend