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Hard Working Wood Writing Desks

Homegirl London finds five fabulous wood writing desks. If like me, you’ve found it difficult getting back into work mode after the Christmas break, these beautiful writing bureaus might spur you on. Whether you fancy yourself as a modern-day Jane Austen or you need to catch up on household paperwork, you’ll find some inspiration here to get you back on track. I’ve picked out five wood writing desks that cater to different tastes. From vintage to industrial, traditional, classic and mid-century modern, you’ll find something to write home about! I’m hoping that there’s one to suit your particular interior scheme and size requirements. You never know, it might inspire you to write that novel you’ve been dreaming about!

wood writing desks, vintage style

Vintage Style Desk from Oliver Bonas Ltd (Picture Affiliate Link)

Five Wood Writing Desks

Vintage furniture lovers will adore the Bertie Desk, part of a larger furniture range designed in-house at Oliver Bonas. It’s been handcrafted in India from beautiful mango wood with a varnished finish. You get one open document shelf, one large white drawer with a cute copper handle, one small mint drawer with a silver handle and two document drawers in white and grey. There is also an opening for your laptop or mobile phone cables at the back of the desk, which is thoughtful. The measurements are 95cm high, 90cm wide and 53cm in depth – £350 from Oliver Bonas Ltd.

wood writing desks, vintage

Vintage Style Desk (Picture Affiliate Link)

Vintage industrial furniture devotees will swoon over the Walter Bureau Desk. It’s made from naturally distressed reclaimed pine, which has been sealed for protection. Teamed with a matt black lacquered frame, it’s striking and sturdy. You get a drawer and a cubby hole for storage purposes. It comes with a roller shutter cover, so when you’ve finished, you can close it up and forget about work until the next morning. The measurements are 93cm high, 110cm wide and 65cm in depth – £345 from Swoon.

wood writing desks, industrial

Vintage Industrial Style Desk from Swoon

Traditional furniture admirers and letter writers will enjoy the Campaign Desk. It’s a small, handmade piece that can be closed up into a compact occasional table when not in use. This is ideal for those with small apartments or where you want a desk in your bedroom or the living room. Open the hinged lid and fold it back to reveal cubby holes and a working area that slides out. It’s made from Mango wood which has been stained for a lovely vintage oak appearance. The measurements are 81cm high, 75cm wide and 43cm in depth – £265 from OKA UK.

wood writing desks, traditional

Traditional Style Desk from OKA (Picture Affiliate Link)

Formal furniture fans might prefer the Lene Bjerre Classic Desk. Made from gorgeous greyed oak, this piece is simple and understated. With clean lines, it has a touch of Nordic simplicity which never goes out of fashion. It would suit both traditional and contemporary interiors. You get four drawers which are useful for paper storage and office sundries plus the cubby hole for filing paperwork. The measurements are 94cm high, 105cm wide and 60cm in depth – £632.50 from Houseology.

wood writing desks, classic

Classic Style Desk from Houseology

Modern furniture followers will go crazy for the Ligne Roset Ursuline Desk. It’s compact and streamlined with great storage cubby niches for your stationery. Made from walnut veneer paired with a lacquered steel tubing cross-shaped base, it’s quite stunning. This style would suit traditional, contemporary and mid-century modern interiors. The measurements are 89.9cm high, 120.2cm wide and 65cm in depth – price on request from Barker and Stonehouse.

wood writing desks, mid century modern

Mid Century Modern Style Desk from Barker and Stonehouse (Picture Affiliate Link)

Best Wood Writing Desks For You

Here are my tips for anyone who is serious about buying a new desk …

Style: There are so many desks to choose from that it can be a bit bewildering. This article focuses on writing come bureau type desks which are classic and quite romantic. The style you select should work well with your interior scheme and the piece itself should satisfy all your requirements so think about how you intend to use the desk before you buy.

Room: Decide which room the desk will reside in before you make your choice. If you are short on space then you might need to put your desk in the bedroom, living room or the spare room which doubles as a guest bedroom. If this is the case, then a smaller desk which you can close up after use with a lid or shutter is preferable. If you have a dedicated home office room, lucky you, go mad and treat yourself to a large desk!

Material: Wooden desks are always lovely because they add warmth to a room. There are many different options with wood so you have a very wide choice. If you like the distressed look go for reclaimed timber or mango wood. If you prefer a more grown-up and classy look, then walnut might suit. For rooms with less natural light go for a lighter colour wood.

Size: The size desk you choose will depend on the space available but make sure that it will fit through the front door and internal doors if it doesn’t dismantle. If you work from home on a permanent basis and have a large computer, then a bigger desk might be necessary. If you use a laptop and don’t need to spread out folders or paperwork, you can go for a mid-sized or small desk instead.

Storage: If you are short of space then desk storage is a good idea for keeping your clutter at bay and essentials close to hand. Decide whether surface or underneath storage is best for your needs.

Buy These Wood Writing Desks

If you’ve fallen in love with one of these wooden desks, you can buy from the following online retailers.

Oliver Bonas Ltd Affiliate Link: Oliver Bonas Ltd
Swoon Link: Swoon Link
OKA UK Affiliate Link: OKA UK
Houseology Link: Ceased Trading
Barker and Stonehouse Affiliate Link: Barker and Stonehouse Link

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Oliver Bonas Ltd, Swoon, OKA UK, Houseology, Barker and Stonehouse. Cover Image: Oliver Bonas. Thanks: Sara Morris for photographs. Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partner links – Oliver Bonas Ltd, OKA UK, Barker and Stonehouse (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates I will earn a small commission).