home decor celebrates granny chic with doily patterns

Home decor celebrates granny chic with doily pattern trend

Home decor is going all granny chic with delightful doilies.  These ornamental mats were traditionally round with intricate patterns made from either fabric or paper.  The fabric varieties were usually crocheted and used to protect furniture from damage whilst the paper versions are for food presentation.  Lace doilies and paper doilies fell out of fashion and were deemed chintzy.  I’m glad to see them appearing on cushions and being used for home decorationdecorative wall stickers, wall art stencils and wallpapers.  Here’s my round-up of home decor delights featuring doilies.

home decor that dutch girl pillows

Cushion by That Dutch Girl Pillows from Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Doily home decor cushions

Cindy Graybill-van Dierment is otherwise known as That Dutch Girl Pillows.  Cindy, originally from the Netherlands, moved to America in 2012 and started her business making pretty pillows.  She’s made a lovely collection featuring doilies in muted tones of tan, grey and green.  This light grey example features a white doily design on both sides.  Some of her creations feature vintage doilies.  The measurements are 45cm x 45cm – £12.56.

home decor that dutch girl cushion

Cushion by That Dutch Girl Pillows from Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Casa Fantasia is a group of creative people – artist, visual merchandiser and illustrator.  With a lust for beautiful materials and fabrics, they have made a couple of cushions featuring doily designs.  This beige beauty is subtle and sophisticated and is just perfect for layering on your boudoir bed.  The measurements are 40.65cm x 40.65cm – £16.75.

home decor casa fantasia

Cushion by Casa Fantasia from Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Ekaterina is an artist living in the south of Italy who loved sewing from an early age.  She makes a wide range of beautiful products ranging from bags and leather jewellery under the name of Katrin Shine.  Her cushion collection features doilies in some beautiful bold colours which look absolutely stunning.  Some with just a single doily and others are completely crocheted.  This particular one is in purple with a white crocheted doily applique.  The measurements are 41cm x 41cm – £20.93.

home decor katrin shine cushion

Cushion by Katrin Shine from Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Cristina makes handmade accessories and home decoration under the name of Olula.  Her Granny Throw Cushions hark back to the days of hand-crocheted doilies.  Christina’s version has been updated by screen printing this design onto high-quality canvas using water-based inks.  The colours available are russet, mustard yellow, dark blue and turquoise.  The measurements are 33cm x 33cm – £18.54.

home decor olula cushion

Cushion by Olula from Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Doily home decor wall decoration

If you fancy decorating your walls with decals then you’ll just love the offering from Vinyl Wall Adornments.  I’ve selected three examples for you to view – set of three Doily Nursery Decals – £44.55, Heart Doily Swirls – £19.14 and set of 5 Doily Flower Medallions – £38.88.

home decor vinyl wall adornments

Decorative Wall Stickers by Vinyl Wall Adornments from Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Melanie Royals is a self-taught decorative and stencil artist.  She was so smitten by the stencilling bug that she decided to create her own designs.  Melanie launched her Royal Design Studio back in 1994 and has made hundreds of patterns which include a dreamy doily selection.  Here are three examples to admire – Victorian Doily – £41.84, Lace Margaret Doily – £16.72 and Elizabeth Doily – £23.33.

home decor royal design studio decorative wall stickers

Wall Art Stencils by Royal Design Studio from Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Marilyn Krehbiel is dedicated to vintage wallpaper and her shop, Hannah’s Treasures, is one of the world’s largest suppliers of authentic varieties.  Here are three designs which capture the intricate beauty of crochet chic.  Choose from her selection of 1930s Pink Roses and Rosebuds on Doilies, 1940s Pink Flowers with Doilies on Green or 1940s Red Roses with Doilies – £9.57.

home decor hannahs treasures vintage wallpaper

Vintage Wallpapers by Hannah’s Treasures from Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Doily home decor – where to buy

If you fancy a slice of granny chic at home, you can buy the pieces mentioned in this article from the following sellers at Etsy UK.

That Dutch Girl Pillows, Casa Fantasia, Katrin Shine, Olula, Vinyl Wall Adornments, Royal Design Stencils and Hannah’s Treasures at Etsy UK Affiliate Link: Etsy UK

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