If you want tips on how to sell a house and maximise your return, then you might be interested to know a bit more about home staging.  This is all about presenting your house in the best possible light – declutter your home, deep clean it and rearrange the furniture.  Leading home stagers ‘bB Design House’ offers a full service including home staging furniture rental.  They help developers, estate agents, landlords and private clients to secure that all important sale.  Ben Bambrough, MD of bB Design House gave me some insider home staging tips which I’m going to share with you.

home staging kitchen area

*Home Staging – Kitchen

Home staging – room by room

Kitchen: Ben advises – “The kitchen is the most important room in the house and often the deal breaker.  Replace chipped or worn doors, replace handles and give walls a new coat of paint.  Replace tatty tea towels and accessories and faulty lights.  Rearrange work surfaces so that it remains functional but uncluttered.”

 home staging kitchen

**Home Staging – Kitchen

Living Room: Ben recommends – “Create living spaces that are strong in symmetry and rich in accents to create a space that’s warm and inviting.  Use furniture that’s of low height so it doesn’t override the space and display fresh flowers to breathe some life into the space.”

 home staging living room

Home Staging – Living Room

Bedroom: Ben tells me – “The bedroom is a place to relax and retreat so choose calming, neutral colours.  Dressing the bed is very important so make sure you choose quality fabrics that add textural interest.  Buyers are purchasing their dream space, so don’t let them think it’s too cramped or small.  Consider how the furniture is being displayed, if it’s too big for the space or there’s too much of it, remove it or move it around.  Remove unnecessary clutter and don’t overcrowd walls with too many pictures to maximise the illusion of space.”  It’s important to remember the little things – “Don’t forget the cupboard space, buyers will sometimes browse cupboards so make sure these are just as organised too.”

 home staging bedroom

Home Staging – Bedroom

Bathroom: Ben says – “Buyers will spend a lot of time viewing bathrooms and want them to be right so that they don’t have to worry about the space when they move in.  Highlight important aspects such as the taps and fittings as these are elements that buyer’s don’t want to have to replace.  Bathrooms are expensive to refurbish so stage it perfectly and update brassware if it’s needed.  Keep light fittings to a minimum and make sure the space is clean and sparkling.  Get rid of worn accessories such as towels and replace with fresh new ones.  Give walls a new lick of paint and make sure fixtures are in good working order.

 home staging bathroom

**Home Staging – Bathroom

Home staging – declutter your home

One of the most important tasks is to declutter your home.  Ben recommends – “Clear away the daily clutter that you have been accustomed to.  It can distract a potential buyer from seeing the space and make the room feel cramped.  De-personalise the space by removing belongings such as photographs and make sure you clean every surface to create an inviting space.  Then make sure each room is styled for a clear purpose that’s not empty or cluttered but stylishly lived in.”

Home staging – deep clean your home

When you’ve decluttered you can give your home a deep clean.  Here are five ideas to get you started.

1. Windows: Clean your windows inside and outside
2. Floors: Shampoo the carpets and steam clean tiled and wooden floors
3. Tiles: Clean up the grout with whitener
4. Paintwork: Wash down the skirting boards, dust the walls and wipe away any scuff marks
5. Electrical Sockets / Light Switches: Scrap off any paint splashes and clean up

Home staging – call in the experts

If you don’t have the time or inclination to stage your own home then why not call in the experts?  This company, bB Design House, has been helping people to create saleable homes for over five years now.  They also provide home staging furniture rental and an interior design service.  For more information visit www.bbdesignhouse.com or telephone on 0845 680 1033.

Author: Homegirl London.  Photography: bB Designs, *Cubic and **Markam Associates courtesy of Hamptons / Strutt & Parker.  Thanks: Ben Bambrough and Sam Finley.