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Homegirl London Tries Nakin Skincare Products

I have spent the last two weeks trying the Nakin Skincare Products. Sometimes I feel fortunate to have such a fantastic job, and this was one of those times. I was delighted to receive a parcel packed full of Nakin Skincare Products. I couldn’t wait to try the high-performance natural anti-ageing cleanser, toner, two moisturisers, face serum, face oil, eye cream and lip balm. Key ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid to plump and hydrate the skin, Seaweed Extract to detoxify and condition, Hibiscus to smooth lines and Pomegranate Extract, which is an antioxidant. Join me as I talk you through these lovely products and their benefits.

homegirl london tries nakin skincare products collection

Nakin Skincare Collection

Natural Anti-Ageing Nakin Skincare Products Review

I’ll start with the Nakin Advanced Cleansing Milk. I always enjoy taking off my make-up and giving my face a good clean in the evening. This cleanser made that experience even better. It is designed to even skin tone and assist cell renewal. The creamy consistency of the lotion felt lovely when I applied it to my face in circular movements. You can then remove it with cotton wool. However, I prefer to rinse my skin, so I used damp cosmetic sponges instead. My face did feel clean afterwards. I applied the cleanser in the mornings and rinsed it off in the shower to save time.

homegirl london tries nakin skincare products cleansing milk

Nakin Advanced Cleansing Milk, £15 for 150ml

After cleansing, I used the Nakin Purifying Face Toner. A good toner should help hydrate the skin and remove dead skin cells. This one contains aloe to soothe with witch hazel to detoxify the pores and hyaluronic acid to hydrate. My skin felt super fresh afterwards and ready for the next step.

homegirl london tries nakin skincare products skin toner

Nakin Purifying Face Toner, £15 for 150ml

I decided to use the Nakin Revitalising Face Oil in the evenings. It contains skin-enhancing plant oils to smooth lines and help combat dry patches. It was a real treat massaging this luxury oil onto my face which felt very therapeutic. Although it’s an oil, it doesn’t feel greasy and glides smoothly onto your skin.

homegirl london tries nakin skincare products face oil

Nakin Revitalising Face Oil, £22 for 50ml

I reserved the Nakin Performance Face Serum for day use. The serum smooths out fine lines and helps keep the skin’s elasticity. I did feel that fine lines were starting to fade a little, so thumbs up to that.

homegirl london tries nakin skincare products face serum

Nakin Performance Face Serum, £25 for 50ml

I used the Nakin Active Dew Face Cream in the evening. The pot of cream felt fabulous as I scooped up a generous amount with my finger and applied it to my face. This cream is perfect for normal or dry skin types.

homegirl london tries nakin skincare products active dew face cream

Nakin Active Dew Face Cream, £20 for 50ml

Because I wanted a flat surface to apply my make-up, I used the Nakin Matt Formula Face Cream in the morning. It was the perfect base for your foundation if you don’t want to use a primer. This is designed for oily, normal or sensitive skin, so if you have a combination of oily and normal skin, it will work like a dream. Ingredients are Baobab, Argan and Jojoba oil with vitamins and minerals.

homegirl london tries nakin skincare products matt face cream

Nakin Matt Formula Face Cream, £20 for 50ml

The little pot of Nakin Eye Cream Complex had a light and delicate formulation, perfect for day and night use. Use it to help reduce dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.

homegirl london tries nakin skincare products eye cream

Nakin Eye Cream Complex, £18 for 15ml

If you want to moisturise your lips, try the Nakin Lip Treatment Balm. You only need a small amount to give your lips a glossy shine. I don’t wear lipstick, so I now carry this in my bag to dab onto my lips throughout the day.

homegirl london tries nakin skincare products lip balm

Nakin Lip Treatment Balm, £10 for 15ml

I thoroughly enjoyed testing the Nakin Skincare products for two weeks. The capsule collection provides everything you need for a full skincare routine. I felt that my skin benefited from a deep clean, was well hydrated, and it looked healthy. I thought the fine lines seemed a bit finer, so that was fabulous! The scent is minimal, which worked for me because strong fragrances often make me sneeze. I would recommend this collection to others looking for a cost-effective natural skincare range with anti-ageing benefits. My favourites were the Nakin Matt Formula Face Cream and Nakin Revitalising Face Oil.

Discover Nakin Skincare Products

Nakin Skincare Products are perfect if you have sensitive skin or want to help reduce signs of ageing. Nakin focuses on natural beauty, which is kind to the skin and the environment. Ingredients are selected to work in harmony with our natural biology. Products are free from Parabens, SLS, Petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, artificial colours, PEGS and Propylene Glycol. The price points are reasonable, considering the ingredients and benefits. Each product is packaged in a white box so you could gift them to a friend. Buy the range from the Nakin Website, where you can read glowing reviews from customers. I hope you enjoy using these products as much as I did!

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